Wednesday, May 7, 2014

TARDIS nails :)

Hi all :)

Here's my second mani on the blue Soak Off Gel CH Nail 049. And it's Tardis nails! I really like Dr. Who :p

Unfortunately the blue is quite dark, so it's difficult to see the detail I did on top of it - all the other nails even have a gradient and a frame, but it's not easy to see on the pictures.

I used  H&M Midnight Mystery for the gradient and the frame, plus the darker detail on the Tardis. For the rest I used Wet'n'Wild French White Creme and Black Creme and H&M Want A Lemon.

Here's the swatch of CH Nails 049 again, and if you compare this to the pics above you might be able to see that there actually is a gradient in the Tardis nail art ;)

I have one more mani on top of CH Nail 049 before I'll give you a review of it :)

Have fun and take care =)

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