Thursday, May 22, 2014

Instagram Update #1

Hi all :)

As I've mentioned before I've begun to use Instagram. And since I'm updating there more than on the blog, I thought I would do an update of the things you guys haven't seen here.

If you wanna follow me on Instagram go HERE or search for @swaafie :)

So from left to right, top to bottom:

  • My Kiko-order of the Cupcake Lacquers! 
  • My Polish Me Silly order of Blurple and Clowning Around.
  • Me planning the Happy Monday Summer Skittle - ended up not stamping and doing a glitter gradient instead.
  • A sneak peak of my base for the Holo Challenge in Happy Monday this monday.
  • A shot of my naked nails together with a Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil pen - I'm going naked for the three day treatment in hopes of improving the state of my cuticles and get rid of the hangnails!
  • My part of a Dance Legend group order :) I got Final Fantasy, Aztec no 04 and Top Sahara.
  • And lastly my Foxy Fingertips order - Duri Rejuvacote and a wheel with neon studs The rest was extras :)
I hope you enjoyed this update :) Don't forget to follow me HERE or search for @swaafie :)

I need to learn to do a watermark for Instagram - which app do you guys use for that? (I use Android)

Have fun and take care =)

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