Thursday, April 3, 2014

Negative Space Textured Nail Art

Hi all :)

This is the most simple nail art I've ever done, but I love it so much! First time I've done 'negative space' nail art - if I can even call it that.. What I did was to put down tape on my BARE nail - not even with a basecoat on it - and then did two coats of each of the colors. I used Barry M Station Road (yellow), Atlantic Road (blue) and Ridley Road (mint)..

I simply LOVE the colors and the 'weirdness' of the naked nail peeking through on my ring finger.

Unfortunately I messed up my middle finger a bit and had to apply a third coat - and that's why the texture is not as prominent..

Have you tried doing 'negative space' nail art? Do you like that trend?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Sååå søte! Elsker negative space manis :)

    1. Tusind tak :) Jeg er også blevet ret vild med den slags nu, jeg må snart prøve igen ;)


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