Friday, March 28, 2014

Picture Polish Aurora - Wowza indeed!

Hi all :)

When Picture Polish announced their new LE's I knew I needed Aurora! Luckily I was online and looking at Norway Nails Facebook-page to see when they were released here in Europe on the day of the release, so I was there when they announced they were available ;)

When I got it I was blown away! It was much more beautiful than the swatches showed! It had so many more shades in the shift than I saw on swatches - including copper! SO beautiful!

I wore it a couple of weeks ago - two coats layered over black. I didn't really have time to take good pictures because I was on my way out of the house for the weekend. I managed to get 1 good pic and one okay one.

Even though a lot of people have shown this one, I wanted to do a short post anyway.. And it helps that they soon release a second batch of Aurora plus a new one, Borealis - on the 31st of March.

You can almost see the copper shift in the above photo! It is often visible in real life!

Mmmm... *drool*...

Did you get your hands on Aurora? Isn't it wonderful? Or are you going to try on Monday?

Have fund and take care =D

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