Friday, February 7, 2014

My first handmixed polish with Sticky Nails chevrons!

Hi all :)

Yes, I am that late to the party.. But one of my first handmade polishes (I bought three in one order) is Glam Polish Angry Birds in Space.. And it is just lovely =)

I combined it with chevrons in kinda matching colors and I used Sticky Nails for the chevrons.. I was lucky enough to win a set from their Facebook page and they arrived just a few days later even though they had to go all the way to Denmark!

I was happy to get the chance to have flawless chevrons on my nails, instead of me having to paint them free hand - or worse yet: placing individual pieces of tape.. This was quite easy even though most of the sticker came of - including the pieces that were supposed to be 'holes' (if that makes sense?) But it wasn't too difficult to remove those pieces..

I was impressed at how easy they came of the nail again.. I expected some pulling of the polish because I chose to do each chevron in different colors, so it took a bit longer if I had just done a two-toned chevron pattern. But it worked like a charm!

Okay enough rambling! I just wanted to share my experience ;)

The polishes involved:
I used Glam Polish Angry Birds in Space, Ciate Big Yellow Taxi, Gosh Lavender Love, Barry M no 279 and Ciate Mojito.
What was your first handmixed polish? And have you tried Sticky Nails?

Have fun and take care :)


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