Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Monday Spring Challenge - Flowers: First stamped decal-ish..

Hi all :)

Welcome to our third day in our Spring Challenge :) Todays theme is flowers and I've wanted to try out doing stamped decals since I saw cassgooner's tutorial on Instagram. So I tried it out!

I did a base of a Soak of Gel polish BMG 002. The reason for the SOG polish is, that I'm going to have a busy week so if I wanna avoid naked nails SOG is the answer. And then I might even have the time to do some other nail art on top of it, since I have a normal topcoat on top of the stamping and can just take it off with non-acetone remover and still have a base for nail art ;)

Allright on to this nail art.. I did the stamping with a green Konad stamping polish and filled ind with a purple and yellow Konad stamping polish and Laura Clauvi STAMP Backyard. The plate is Cheeky CH14. Unfortunately I'm not satisfied with this - I guess the purple was too dark for this.. The placing of the stamping ain't perfect either, but I didn't have time to do it over - even though the base is SOG.

I had to be very quick and not go over one place two times. So I'm glad I had a base of SOG polish instead of regular polish.. I guess I did the 'filling in' with too thick of a coat? Because I did wait a long time before applying topcoat, a lot longer than usual when I saw that topcoat dragged the design.. Do you guys have any tips or ideas?

Here's BMG 002 by itself..

Here's the challenge overview (even though the themes are going to be rearranged a bit)

Here's the other flower manis:

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I think it still looks great. To avoid the smudging, I load my top coat brush with a generous amount and I carefully apply it on my nail art without the bristles touching the design or nail. I hope that makes sense. :)

    1. I did that too, and always do that, but this smudged anyway! That's what the weird thing is :S Oh well, I'll figure it out sometime :) Thanks!


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