Saturday, December 7, 2013

Very Colorfoil Manicure indeed!

Hi all :)

A while ago I purchased Ciate's Very Colorfoil Manicure set in Wonderland on sale on Asos (yes I'm a cheap-ass). Yesterday I finally got around to try it out.. I was sure that I would somehow screw it up and end out with a failed mani, but I LOVED the end result!

I chose two of the foil color; a bronze-y or copper colored foil and a mint-ish foil.. The copper foil looks more gold in the pics, but it looks close to a freshly minted penny IRL.. I chose the polishes I had that matched the colors the most: Confetti Five Golden Rings and Sinful Colors Mint Apple.. The base color is the Ciate Paint Pot included in the set, Cream Soda.

So sparkly :)

Weird pose to focus on the foiled nails!

A close-up on one of the foiled nails:

I loved using these - it was so easy to work with! Can't wait to try out a foil manicure again - and maybe stamp on top of it?

Oh, and using the lightbox this time was more successful. the key was more light! But I still need practise!

Have you tried using foil for a manicure? What did you think about it? Any ideas how to use it next?

Have fun and take care =)

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