Sunday, December 1, 2013

Duochrome goodness + Trying out a lightbox

Hi all :)

 Yes I have a mani.. But not a challenge-mani.. I've been soo busy and today when I actually had time to do a mani I really wanted to use Essence Style Me Holo (which isn't a holo but a duochrome). I might soon have more time so I might be able to continue with the challenge..

So besides Essence Style Me Holo I used Diamond Cosmetic Don't Teal My Heart and H&M Notoriously Beautiful on a finger each and dotted down the middle with Essence Style Me Holo.

I've bought a cheap lightbox, because I tried making one myself but it didn't really work for me.. I've only tried it once, with this mani.. I still haven't really worked it out yet and I think I need stronger lightsources, 'cause the pictures are kind of blurred. I know lightboxes diffuse the light, but still it should be possible to get vlear pictures in it.. I have to try it out some more..

But I've included some pictures anyway.. But I had to color correct my fingers...

Any tips for using a light box and getting clear pictures?

Have fund and take care =)

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