Thursday, October 10, 2013

31DC2013 day 20, water marble: Almost succesful!

Hi all :)

My water marble nails! I've never done a succesful water marble before.. And didn't do it this time either - but closer than ever! haha.. I'm fairly satisfied with this, even though it is far from perfect.. I still can't really manipulate the polish.. but I'll definitely try it again another time fairly soon..

I used all OPI polishes, keeping to one brand hoping to make the marbling more seamless. I used My Boyfriend Scales Walls, All That Razz-Berry, ...Eurso Euro.. I'm not satisfied with how the colors turned out because they of course get spread out thinly in the process, and therefore are not as opaque as I wanted them to be..

My thumb is definitely my fave, so here's a shot of that..

So the next one is inspired by a color... whatever that means.. I'll se what'll fit me ;)

Here's the other gal's water marbles:

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, October 7, 2013

31DC2013 Day 19, Galaxy: The Milkyway

Hi all :)

Galaxies! I've never tried that before.. I didn't really know what colors I wanted to do and how caricatured I wanted to do it, but on the way back from a family birthday late at night in the country-side I was looking up at the sky.. Without all the light-pollution I could really see the stars and vaguely see some of the Milkyway! It was soo beautiful! So I tried to  recreate that by going for a very subtle galaxy mani.. urgh, it's difficult to explain.

My boyfriend grabbed my nails to look at them while I was done and he said: "It's the sky! The Milkyway!" - he didn't even know the challenge prompt I was dong was galaxies ;) That counts as a win in my head! haha

It was difficult to capture, so I tried to mattify it with Essence Matt Top Coat..

A close-up before the matte top coat..

The base is H&M Kiss Goodnight. I sponged quite a bit of the base with OPI My Private Jet (Not that super HTF version). I then sponged on the Milkyway with Gosh Snow, Love & Beauty Glow In The Dark Light Green and Essence Color & Go Grey-t To Be Here. I then did dots with mix of Gosh Snow and Wet'n'Wild French White Creme.

So next up is water marble! Looking forward to that, even though I haven't had any succes with it before..

Here's the other manis:

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31DC2013 Day 18, Half Moons - Across the Universe wannabe half moons

Hi all :)

So life has been hectic recently - but awesome!! I wore my last mani for 1½ week with only minimal tip wear!! long live Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes! I was really impressed, usually tip wear AND chipping happens within 24 hours for me..

I actually did this mani Sunday, but haven't had time writing up a post until now..

This is very simple, but I like it.. Usually I make the halfmoons too big so my nails look really stubby, but this time they are almost too small! I guess that's improvement..

I used Jordana Smooth Blue for the base and Icing Hey Sailor Boy for the half moons.. The pic is not entirely color accurate..

So galaxies are up next :S I've never tried it, so it's gonna be exciting trying.. Hopefully I'll have some more time this week..

Here's all the other half moons manis. Unfortunately I'm so much behind now, that I can't add my own link.. Oh well! haha

Have fun and take care =)
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