Monday, September 2, 2013

31DC2013 Day 2, Orange: Hawaiian Punch.

Hi all :)

Welcome to day 2!

I got the idea to do a hawaiian shirt-kinda pattern today..

My base is China Glaze Papaya Punch and for the flowers i used Black Onyx #A0361 (the white) and Barry M no 279 (the name is gone from the bottle, it's a light pink). it could've been executed better, but I still liked it :)

And a swatch :O Don't now what's happening with me atm :p haha.. This is two coats without topcoat. I really like the formula!

Yellow nails are next!

And an in-Links for today's manis. Go check them out :)

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Very cute - would love to follow your blog but I don't use Google friend circle or whatever that is...would you please offer subscribe via email widget as an option for following? A lot of readers prefer that now...I am not a big fan of Bloglovin but do pick that when there is nothing else - however of late Bloglovin went down for quite a few days - they knew it and responded to me but they only said they were aware and trying to fix it - took them 4 more days to get it working after that!

    1. Thanks a lot =) I've added it now! Hope it helps.. You can also use an RSS Reader like Feedly - there you can just add a blog by typing the adress :)


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