Thursday, September 12, 2013

31DC2013 Day 12, Stripes: Nautical-kinda looking..

Hi all :)

I had the idea to do some nautical-kinda-inspired stripes for today's challenge.. But I didn't want to do any anchors and such, just stripes and be inspired by the colors usually used..

I'm actually quite impressed with how straight (some of) my lines are! I liked the design, but did not really like it on me.. I didn't think it fitted to me.. Don't know if that makes sense?

The base is an elf polish, but it does not have any name or number.. The stripes are done with Collection 2000 Gerantium, Revlon Royal and Confetti Five Golden Rings.

Tomorrow is animal print! Not my fave, even though I know a lot of people love Animal Prints..

Here's the other striped manis:

Have fun and take care =)


  1. i love the base colour, what is the name of it?

    1. Thanks :) I don't know its name, but it is an elf polish..There is no name at it, but I bought it at Target around November or December last year? It's not in their usual square bottles.. Not sure if that helps at all :p


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