Sunday, September 1, 2013

31DC2013 Day 1, Red: Saucy Glitter.

Hi all :)

Welcome to the first day of the 31 Day Challenge.. Today is red and this is a simple one.. I screwed up the nail art, but luckily I got a pic beforehand so I still had something :)

This is 1 coat of Eyeko Saucy Polish! 1 coat I tell you! Awesome.. And then LA Splash Sparkling Fire og Spoiled Shuffle the Deck on pinky, pointer and thumb.

And here is Eyeko Saucy Polish by itself..

So it was a simple one today, but if I'm going to do one mani a day I'm afraid that's how it's going to be most of the days ;)

So tomorrow is gonna be orange nails..

So here's an In-Linkz with aaall the red manis from those who participate.. Enjoy them :D
Have fun and take care =)

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