Thursday, August 15, 2013

New design:)

Hi all :)

Most of you probably read my blog in a reader or something similar, so you don't actually see my blog.. So just a heads up, the looks has changed a little bit..

I got the idea earlier today to do a new blog design.. I thought it could be fun to incorporate the spot where I get the best pictures atm - on our balcony with my hand against the wall seperating us from the apartment next to us.. So yeah, that wall is now on my header and the railing on the balcony is on the background.. I kept mostly everything else the same..

Yeah, that's weird I know.. but I needed a change and it's summer, so I have the time.. haha.. Let's see for how long I like this..

I do have a new watermark too, but I have some pictures watermarked already, so it will be a little while before that changes..

Have fun and take care :)

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