Friday, August 16, 2013


Hi all :)

I don't have great photos of this mani, but there's one part of this nail art that I'm especially happy about, so I thought I would share it anyway..

It's the 'hourglass' on my ring finger. I saw it on All Lacquered Up a long time ago, but just got around replicating it.. I wans't sure how it would work for me so I opted for one nail per hand with this method.. But I ended up loving it to pieces, so I have to do a full mani at some point, maybe with different colors.. I think it's because it's a glitter-polish I did the hourglass with, that made me like it so much..

I used Gosh Groovy Grey as a base (again). The nail art and accents are done with Gosh Blue Balloon, Rimmel My Denim and OPI Get Your Number (Liquid Sand)..

What do you think of the hourglass manicure? Which colors/finishes do you think I should try out next time?

Have fun and take care :)

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