Saturday, August 31, 2013

Circle water decals!

Hi all :)

A while back I bought some water decals from Born Pretty Store and I tried them out earlier this week! They were easy to apply (but it's the first time I've tried water decals so I have nothing to compare with) and I really liked this look.. Kinda neat!

I used OPI Skull and Glossbones (as base on the nails with the decals on), Essence  Sundancer (thumb), Viva la Diva no. 39 (index) and Eyeko Lilac Polish (pinky).

Have you tried water decals before - and what do you think about using them for nail art?

I sure am looking forward to trying other designs and I have another design I bought at the same time..

Tomorrow is the first day of the 31DC2013 and I'm looking forward to see if I can complete it!

Have fun and take care =)


  1. wow, these water decals look really god! i want to try them!

    1. They are nice! And cheap too ;) So there's almost no excuse not to!

  2. I love using water decals in nail art, they always guarantee a good wysiwyg design :) I saw your decals at the Born Pretty Store, they look gorgeous, especially in your color mix :)


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