Thursday, March 21, 2013

Where did I go?

Hi all :)

Yes, I vanished again again..
I've been super busy with this semester's courses, since I crammed them all together in the first half of the semester so I didn't have to commute across the the country for too long. Yes, I have moved from Copenhagen to Aarhus, roughly 300 kms and I am commuting back and forth with train.. That means that I'm kind of living in a suitcase and my nails don't get a lot of attention. And that means that they break all the time too :/

I've not been doing any nail art, and when I've had time to do my nails it has been standing up at the kitchen counter, because I don't have a table or a chair in Copenhagen any more :p Just a mattress.. When I'm in my new home (yay with my BF) I haven't done much with my nails either.. BUT. I'm handing in my exams on April 4th and from then on I only have my Bachelor project to think about, so I'm pretty sure my nails will get a lot more attention :) Also I'm in the process of cleaning out my nail polish stash - it is simply to big for me.. So that's kind of exciting too! (for me at least).
Oh and I upgraded my computer to Windows 8 and forgot to save my photoshop :p So I have to figure something new out.. oups..

I just wanted to say something at least, after leaving you all for 1½ month.. I'll hopefully be back soon!

Have fun and take care =)

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