Friday, March 29, 2013

Soak off gel polish - Depend Gellack 313

Hi all :)

Yes I am back.. And yes I am posting about soak off gel polish :O whaaat? Well, for a long time I've wanted to try soak off gel polish since my nails keep breaking and my nail polish always chip or peel within 12-24 hours.. But.. I've never even been near a nail salon or soak of gel polish. So I was kinda clueless..

I learned a lot from and a couple of months ago Depend released their line of soak off gel polish and starter kit.. So I was happy that I could actually go buy a starter kit in a store now, instead of having to order from over seas.. But I still wasn't sure.. And it was a lot of money.. And none of their colors really spoke to me.. Then all of a sudden about 1 week ago a beauty store near me had 20 % off so I decided to go buy that starter kit and a few polishes..

Since I haven't tried it before I didn't really know what to expect. And after my first mani I wasn't too satisfied. But after 4 days I decided to take it off and try again. Removal was a pain, so I have to practice that.. Well this time around I was very careful. And I like the result :D So now I'm super excited to see how long time it'll last and super excited to do different nail art on top of the same base :D

So here's Depend Gellack 313. It is slightly more red-toned IRL - it is a purple, so of course it's not easy to take photos of..

This is three very thin coats. Some places it could use one more, but I didn't bother.

A close-up.. Nice and sparkly :)

I guess this counts as a swatch? :p

I have already made my first nail art on top of this - the first nail art in a really loong time - and I'm really liking it :) I'm hoping that I'll be able to do at least a couple of more looks on this base, since I already have some ideas.. But stay tuned for that :)

Do you guys have any experiences with soak off gel polishes? Do you like it or not? What is your fave part about it?

Have fun and take care =)

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