Sunday, February 10, 2013

Icing Hey Sailor Boy AKA good enough for me...

Hi all :)

Normally I don't post swatches, but normally I don't wear a polish on its own either. This one is just too beautiful.. The first polish I ever craved was Deborah Lippman Acroos the Universe. And with that I realized how many awesome polishes are out there. Beforehand I was just interested in Nail Art and didn't really realize how many different kind of polishes existed :P

Well, I've never been able to justify buying it - although once I could get it with a coupon pretty cheap and actually ordered it - but it was out of stock :/ While I was in the US I found a Milani glitter polish with blue and green glitter (can't remember its name) and it immediately reminded be of the glitter in AtU so I bought it and looked for Revlon Royal and thought I could jelly-sandwich my way in to having something similar to AtU. But then I found Icing Hey Sailor Boy.. Wow.. I don't know if it's an exact dupe, but it is close enough for me!

I was so mezmerized by this polish when I wore it and kept telling my boyfriend. At some point I found pictures on Google of Across the Universe and held up my nails to the picture. "Look!!" and of course he was so ever sweet to say "How unfortunate that that polish is so expensive.. When yours is much prettier" haha..

So.. spammy spammy..

And a close-up *drooooool*...

Does any of you know if it's a dupe? Either way I don't need Across the Universe anymore :p I haven't tried the Milani Glitter and Revlon Royal sandwich, so I don't know how close that comes either.. Has any of you tried to sandwich your way to Across the Universe? If yes - which polishes did you use and how did it turn out?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. so beautiful :)

    essence's blue addicted also a great and cheap dupe i think:

  2. This is good enough for me, too! ;)


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