Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Brightly Shorts.. Or: Kelsie's Nail Files 1 year blogiversary nail art contest entry..

Hi all :)

Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files are having a 1 year blogiversary nail art contest. The objective is to be inspired by a specific Pinterest board she has made for this occasion... I love this sort of challenge, so the minute I saw the contest I knew I had to enter.. It became even more of a challenge for me because I'm at my boyfriend's at the momentso only had a certain amount of polishes available. luckily I had just taken some new bright polishes with me (or else I would have to use the same colors as I have used the last 4 posts or  so), so I could sort of match the color of the photo I wanted to base my mani on.

So here's my interpretation.. Not really color accurate, the blue is not as bright and has a hint of lavender in it and the purple is more purple, but whatever..

And here's the inspiration.. I would have loved to do a more elaborate pattern on my nails, but I'm seriously out of practice and this took me more time to do than it should have :p

I started with a base of Orly Snowcone and dapped on some OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls with some cling wrap. I then used NYC Lexington Yellow and High Line Green, Color Club Pucci-licious and Wet'N'Wild Sunny Side Up for the pattern.. I would have loved to have a plain coral nail too, but didn't have such a color with me.. or even a black to outline the pattern with.. shame on me - who does not bring a black polish with them to do nail art? tsktsk..

A photo with my thumb too.. it did not turn out as great, but it incorporates all the four colors in the pattern..

Go and check this contest out - there is some really amazing photos on the Pinterest board and each photo gives SO many opportunities for different manis.. Are you gonna enter the contest? And which photo are you most inspired by?

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bluey flowers..

Hi all :)

Damn, I was on a good roll with posting a couple of days apart.. But then I went back home to my own apartment where there's no internet.. So this mani is 1½ week old or so.. And the last one I wore! I was taking all my stuff up to my apartment from the basement (I'm on third floor, gaah), repacking it and putting it back in the basement, painting and cleaning.. So I didn't have he time to do my nails and they would have been ruined immediately anyway :p Haven't had time to paint them after I've gotten back to my BF..

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue and nude chevrons..

Hi all :)

Here's a mani I did a couple of days ago.. The pics are not color accurate.. I really like this (I am still wearing it). The nude is not a complete match with my skin tone, but close enough for me to fool myself a couple of times.. Sometimes when I get glance a of my nails out of the corner of my eyes, I'm thinking "Damn this mani is SO chipped already" and then get a DOH! moment when I realize that the nude base color is fooling me :p

The base colors are Color Club Nature's Way and Orly Snowcone. I used those two plus L'Oréal  Notting Hill Blues (super awesome one-coater) for the chevrons. This next pic is a bit more close to the real color, but still not on the spot.

I've seen so many chevron manis that I like, so I've probably seen this look somewhere. If you know of someone who's done a similar mani, please drop me a link in the comment section and I'll credit the person :)

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi all :)

I hope you've all entered the new year safely and had happy holidays =) I sure did. I really enjoyed being home again, but it took some while to adjust to people around me speaking Danish again and speaking it myself too :p

I'm not really spending time at home, but at my boyfriends house.. My apartment is almost completely empty because I rented it out while I was away and since I'm not spending time there now, I haven't filled it up with my stuff yet :p But me and my boyfriend have found an apartment together, we just need to sign the lease! yay for that!

So I'm just carrying around some of the polishes I bought in the US, but don't have all my usual gear with me.. I did some of this mani yesterday and the glitter I added today. Not the best pics, but hey, I only have so much to work with here :p I even borught the Ott-lamp I bought in Us with me home and after I had it on for half an hour or so, the bulb died :( I suspect there might have been something with the voltage, that I should have checked before I plugged it in in another country? So I hope I can get my hands on a new bulb-thingy..

Okay.. nails..

I have OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls as a base and 'cling-wrapped' with that one and Revlon Essence - which I totally love, it is such a gorgeous color and it is a one coater!!
The glitter is  China Glaze Glitter All the Way and is just dapped on with the brush.. Maybe not the most obvious glitter choice for the other colors, but again - I only have so much to work with..

My nails are oddly shaped right now. With the traveling and coming home I have neglected my nail care, so I've had some breaks..

I love this cling-wrap thing.. I wanted to do a gradient but didn't have any kind of sponge I could use, so I thought I could sponge with cling-wrap.. Not the look I was going for, but I love it and will def do it again! I did end out being a somewhat gradient look..

Okay I'll shut up now.. I've missed blogging.. Hopefully I'll manage to do some decent manis and taking some decent pictures in the future..

Have fun and take care :D
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