Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hi all :)

Just wanted to pop in and wish you all a merry Christmas! Here's a manicure I did today and what I'll probably wear on Christmas Eve - that's the day we celebrate in Denmark, not Christmas day - that's actually my birthday :p  This is a crappy phone pic and not color accurate - but what the heck.. I'll update with the polishes used later..

*Update* Polishes used are: Colorama Party Blue (the lightest blue), Gosh Blue Ballon (the medium blue) and Milani Sail Away for the darkest blue and the accent naila. On the accent nails I also used OPI Piroutte My Whistle (not sure if the spelling is correct - it's a mini so the name isn't on the bottle). I stamped with a no-name white and BM-319 and BM-323. *End of update*

Right now I'm in Sweden with my boyfriend's family and we're hoping it'll get cold enough to skii! yeah!

What are you doing for Christmas? And are you celebrating Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

Have fun and take care =)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Very Colorfoil Manicure indeed!

Hi all :)

A while ago I purchased Ciate's Very Colorfoil Manicure set in Wonderland on sale on Asos (yes I'm a cheap-ass). Yesterday I finally got around to try it out.. I was sure that I would somehow screw it up and end out with a failed mani, but I LOVED the end result!

I chose two of the foil color; a bronze-y or copper colored foil and a mint-ish foil.. The copper foil looks more gold in the pics, but it looks close to a freshly minted penny IRL.. I chose the polishes I had that matched the colors the most: Confetti Five Golden Rings and Sinful Colors Mint Apple.. The base color is the Ciate Paint Pot included in the set, Cream Soda.

So sparkly :)

Weird pose to focus on the foiled nails!

A close-up on one of the foiled nails:

I loved using these - it was so easy to work with! Can't wait to try out a foil manicure again - and maybe stamp on top of it?

Oh, and using the lightbox this time was more successful. the key was more light! But I still need practise!

Have you tried using foil for a manicure? What did you think about it? Any ideas how to use it next?

Have fun and take care =)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Duochrome goodness + Trying out a lightbox

Hi all :)

 Yes I have a mani.. But not a challenge-mani.. I've been soo busy and today when I actually had time to do a mani I really wanted to use Essence Style Me Holo (which isn't a holo but a duochrome). I might soon have more time so I might be able to continue with the challenge..

So besides Essence Style Me Holo I used Diamond Cosmetic Don't Teal My Heart and H&M Notoriously Beautiful on a finger each and dotted down the middle with Essence Style Me Holo.

I've bought a cheap lightbox, because I tried making one myself but it didn't really work for me.. I've only tried it once, with this mani.. I still haven't really worked it out yet and I think I need stronger lightsources, 'cause the pictures are kind of blurred. I know lightboxes diffuse the light, but still it should be possible to get vlear pictures in it.. I have to try it out some more..

But I've included some pictures anyway.. But I had to color correct my fingers...

Any tips for using a light box and getting clear pictures?

Have fund and take care =)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

31DC2013 Day 21, Inspired by a Color: Cirque Electric Circus!

Hi all :)

Yes, I'm still alive! I've just been crazy busy ;) I had naked nails for 3 or 4 weeks :O I have to hurry up if I'm going to finish this challenge this year :p

I recently bought Cirque Electric Circus and OMG it's amazing. I immediately had an idea for a nail art based on the name of the color for today's challenge.

It didn't turn out how I wanted it to be, at all.. I wanted to do the glitter on a colored background, but decided on white instead because I thought a colored background would clash with the nail art.. And then I failed with the nail art too :p haha.. whatevs... I have nail polish on again! yaay..

It's prob not easy to see, but I have 'electric' represented by some lightning.. and 'circus' represented by a circus-tent-kinda-pattern.. yeah it didn't translate well.. haha..

I used  OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls for the background and of course Cirque Electric Circus for the glitter-nails.. I then stamped the patterns on the accent nail with Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and BM-301 ('circus' pattern) and BM-305 (lightning pattern) and filled some of it in with Barry M Acid Yellow, JLB Aruba Blue and H&M Check Me Out - trying to match the colors in Cirque Electric Circus...

At least it was nice to paint my nails again and i freaking LOVE Cirque Electric Circus.. My first Cirque btw..

So the next one inspired by a song.. I've had an idea what to do for a while, but I think I'm so out of practice and won't have enough time to do it.. But we'll see ;)

And the other inspired by a color-manis:

Do you own Cirque Electric Circus? Isn't it just wonderful? Can you kinda see what I tried to do with this nail art? :p

Have fun and take care =)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

31DC2013 day 20, water marble: Almost succesful!

Hi all :)

My water marble nails! I've never done a succesful water marble before.. And didn't do it this time either - but closer than ever! haha.. I'm fairly satisfied with this, even though it is far from perfect.. I still can't really manipulate the polish.. but I'll definitely try it again another time fairly soon..

I used all OPI polishes, keeping to one brand hoping to make the marbling more seamless. I used My Boyfriend Scales Walls, All That Razz-Berry, ...Eurso Euro.. I'm not satisfied with how the colors turned out because they of course get spread out thinly in the process, and therefore are not as opaque as I wanted them to be..

My thumb is definitely my fave, so here's a shot of that..

So the next one is inspired by a color... whatever that means.. I'll se what'll fit me ;)

Here's the other gal's water marbles:

Have fun and take care =)

Monday, October 7, 2013

31DC2013 Day 19, Galaxy: The Milkyway

Hi all :)

Galaxies! I've never tried that before.. I didn't really know what colors I wanted to do and how caricatured I wanted to do it, but on the way back from a family birthday late at night in the country-side I was looking up at the sky.. Without all the light-pollution I could really see the stars and vaguely see some of the Milkyway! It was soo beautiful! So I tried to  recreate that by going for a very subtle galaxy mani.. urgh, it's difficult to explain.

My boyfriend grabbed my nails to look at them while I was done and he said: "It's the sky! The Milkyway!" - he didn't even know the challenge prompt I was dong was galaxies ;) That counts as a win in my head! haha

It was difficult to capture, so I tried to mattify it with Essence Matt Top Coat..

A close-up before the matte top coat..

The base is H&M Kiss Goodnight. I sponged quite a bit of the base with OPI My Private Jet (Not that super HTF version). I then sponged on the Milkyway with Gosh Snow, Love & Beauty Glow In The Dark Light Green and Essence Color & Go Grey-t To Be Here. I then did dots with mix of Gosh Snow and Wet'n'Wild French White Creme.

So next up is water marble! Looking forward to that, even though I haven't had any succes with it before..

Here's the other manis:

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31DC2013 Day 18, Half Moons - Across the Universe wannabe half moons

Hi all :)

So life has been hectic recently - but awesome!! I wore my last mani for 1½ week with only minimal tip wear!! long live Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes! I was really impressed, usually tip wear AND chipping happens within 24 hours for me..

I actually did this mani Sunday, but haven't had time writing up a post until now..

This is very simple, but I like it.. Usually I make the halfmoons too big so my nails look really stubby, but this time they are almost too small! I guess that's improvement..

I used Jordana Smooth Blue for the base and Icing Hey Sailor Boy for the half moons.. The pic is not entirely color accurate..

So galaxies are up next :S I've never tried it, so it's gonna be exciting trying.. Hopefully I'll have some more time this week..

Here's all the other half moons manis. Unfortunately I'm so much behind now, that I can't add my own link.. Oh well! haha

Have fun and take care =)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

31DC2013 Day 17, Glitter: Falling bars..

Hi all :)

It's really not the same doing the challenge at my own pace :/ But, I do really not have time to do a mani a day atm.. But exciting things are going on study-wise,  so that's great :)

Here's my glitter mani.. Very simple, but that's what I had in my head. I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Stocking Nude, Barry M Confetti Nail Effects Sour Apple and Dolly Mixture.

Blogger is doing something weird with the photos? Whatever photo is the first one is changing colors - it's more red-ish. If I put another picture first, this one goes back to normal, but the first one changes colors :S weird!

Next up is half-moons :)

The other glitter-manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

31DC2013 Day 16, Tribal Print: My dirty socks!

Hi all :)

So only one day behind so far ;) But don't worry I'll be farther (further?) behind soon! haha..

So these nails are inspired by a pair of socks from H&M.. I love the colors and they have a nice print :)

I used my trusty Gosh Groovey Grey as a base for the nail art and H&M Soaked in Purple and Mustard (appropriate huh?) and Hot Makeup No. 08

And my socks! Yes they are not clean at this point :p

I like my thumb the best! Next up is glitter, let's see when that'll be :)

Here's the other tribal manis:

Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

31DC2013 Update: I'm doing it at my own pace now..

Hi all :)

Yes, as the title indicates I'm not going to follow the challenge at the one-mani-per-day pace.. I simply do not have the time anymore! From tomorrow things are getting more busy at uni and I will not have the opportunity to do a mani a day, at least not satisfactory..

So instead of starting to stress out because of the challenge, I have decided to do it at my own pace :) That way I can spend more time on each mani and I'll especially need that when we come to the 'inspired by'-portion of the challenge..

Two weeks of a mani a day has really been fun and I'm actually impressed that I managed to do it.. But I better 'stop' while I'm ahead :) Some might see this as a failure, but I rather want to challenge myself technique- and execution-wise than pace-wise..

So I'll see you when I have the next mani ready - it's going to be tribal and I'm really looking forward to it :)

Have fun and take care =)

31DC2013 Day 15, Delicate Print: Golden flowers

Hi all :)

When I hear 'delicate print' I think swirls and flowers.. I thought I would have some perfect stamping plates for this, but it turns out that there was nothing in my collection that felt truly 'delicate' to me.. So I found those that were close..

I used Milani Chocolate Sprinkles for the base color and Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold for the stamp..

Close-up of the beautiful Chocolate Sprinkles:

I have an update regarding me and this challenge later today :)

Here's some more delicate manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

31DC2013 Day 14, Flowers: Plaid and roses!

Hi all :)

So this look is completely stolen from Wondrously Polished.. I just thought it was sooo cute, that I had to do it for 'flower-day'.

I wanted to use some slightly darker colors than Lindsey.. I used Urban Outfitters Virgin as a base and did the plaid with the elf polish that I also used for day 13, OPI Skull And Glossbones and OPI Glints of Glinda. For the roses I used H&M Check Me Out, JLB Precious Pink, China Glaze Gothic Lolita, Eyeko Lilac Polish, H&M Lemon Tree, NYC Lexington Yellow and NYC High Line Green.. I loved how this turned out and I'm surprised that it actually ended up looking like I wanted it to :)

Ignore the cuticle oil ;)

And here's the plaid before adding the roses..

Tomorrow is delicate print, whatever that means :p

Here's the other flower manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Friday, September 13, 2013

31DC2013 Day 13, Animal Prints: Fish scales..

Hi all :)

Welcome to day 13! I can't believe that I'm still in the game and actually one day ahead. But I think I'll soon loose that head start..

So today is Animal Prints. I'm not really a fan of 'traditional' animal prints like leopard, zebra etc. So I had to figure out something else.. So I though fish scales! Unfortunately I didn't have the time to freehand the 'scales', so I had to use a stamp and I didn't have one that resembled fish scales..So it kinda looks more like a mermaid tail, but shhh.. Don't tell anybody!

Lots of pictures today, cause there wasn't much light left outside when I was done with this mani.. So I have different pictures trying to show of everything that is going on here..

I think I used way too many polishes for this because some of them got lost amongst the others..

For the base I used H&M Turqouise (A Hello Kitty-polish)..
Then I used saran wrap to dap on a lot of different colors (in no particular order): Sinful Colors Nail Junkie, Milani Key West Nicole by OPI It's Up To You, Milani Cyberspace, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Purple Diamond, PA AA41, Essence Glisten Up!, Sinful Colors Cinderella, W'N'W Teal or no Teal, H&M Metallic Blue.

I then stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and BM-315. Phew! And then I tried using NYC Matte Me Crazy again, this time with a bit better luck..

Before the stamp:

And a close-up to show some of the holo, glitter, shimmer and flakies!

I'm not sure I lived up to the challenge this time, but let's just say this was an animal print ;)

Tomorrow is flowers!

Here's the other animal print manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

31DC2013 Day 12, Stripes: Nautical-kinda looking..

Hi all :)

I had the idea to do some nautical-kinda-inspired stripes for today's challenge.. But I didn't want to do any anchors and such, just stripes and be inspired by the colors usually used..

I'm actually quite impressed with how straight (some of) my lines are! I liked the design, but did not really like it on me.. I didn't think it fitted to me.. Don't know if that makes sense?

The base is an elf polish, but it does not have any name or number.. The stripes are done with Collection 2000 Gerantium, Revlon Royal and Confetti Five Golden Rings.

Tomorrow is animal print! Not my fave, even though I know a lot of people love Animal Prints..

Here's the other striped manis:

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31DC2013 Day 11, Polka Dots: Dotted Ombre

Hi all :)

Welcome to day 11! Still going strong, luckily!

I don't think I have ever done a real Polka Dot mani, so I thought this should be the time.. To make it a bit more interesting did it on top of an Ombre, which I haven't done before either ;)

The white is Sally hansen White On. The blues are (from dark to light): Rimmel My Denim, Jordana Smooth Blue, Gosh Blue Balloon, H&M U Must Have This, Colorama Party Blue. I actually really like this :)

A lot of firsts for me today.. That's the good thing about a challenge, even though I'm not really challenge myself technique-wise.. But that'll come later in the challenge ;) Tomorrow it is stripes!

Check out the other Polka Dotted manis:

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013 Day 10, Gradient: Studded gradient...

Hi all :)

Welcome to the last day of the 'colors'-prompts.. I like how this turned out even though it wasn't exactly how I pictured it.. But I like the color combo :)

This look is of course highly inspired by The Nailasaurus who you all probably know is the master of gradients and studs!

I used H&M Check Me Out and Barry M Mushroom and the studs are a kind of bronze-y color.. 

Before the studs:

So for the next 10 days it's all about the patterns.. Polka Dots are up next :)

Here's the other gradients:

Have fun and take care :)
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