Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Some questions before I leave the US...

Hi all,

I kind of disappeared for a while.. well, I was busy =) I hope you're all doing fine!
I had my last exam yesterday so I'm on a break now! yeeaaaah! nice.. I'm going back to Denmark on Saturday.. Before that I need to go buy some Christmas presents and stock up on some nail supplies ;)

So I have a couple of questions for you guys.. Where can I get my hands on Posh Top Coat (besides in CVS)? and where can I buy Seche Restore? And I'm talking about brick-and-mortar stores, I don't have the time to order online.. I should have thought of that before :p haha

Aand so this is not picture-less, here's the rest of the manis from my semester here, that I got a pic of.. Yeah, that's not many at all.. My nails have been naked the last month or so too.. If you want more pics of any of these manis, or wanna know which polishes I used, just say it.. I have more prepared, but I only wanted to show one of each here in this compilation post..

Have fun and take care :D
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