Saturday, September 1, 2012

Old mani and my very first American Football game (or is it match?)

Hi all :)

This is a mani I did way before I left Denmark, so it's probably about 1½ month old.. I really liked it, but ended up with to many layers on the nail.. I should have used more opaque polishes,  but those were the ones I had with me a that time..

I added glitter a bit later.. But that might have made it a bit to busy? Which version do you like the best?

I used: H&M Fashionista, Rimmel Lycra Pro My Denim, Rimmel 60 Seconds Blue me away, Gosh Blue Monday, H&M Lime and the glitter is Essence Special Effect Topper Circus Confetti..

Here at University of Maryland everything is good :) The semester started this past Wednesday and I'm excited about the courses I've chosen.. But I think I'll have a much bigger workload here than at home, especially now that I have to write in English instead of Danish.. But it'll all be good =)

In a couple of hours I'm going to my very first American Football game! It's UMD against William & Mary (I have no idea if that's another University or what? :p) I should have done UMD-themed nails, but haven't had the time and just changed my mani.. I have to do that at another point..

I really miss doing nail art! I hope I have some time this weekend, now that it's Labor Day monday and I don't have any classes Tuesday.. i have to take advantage of that :)

Have fun and take care =)

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