Sunday, September 9, 2012

Diagonal-y teal..

Hi all :)

This mani didn't really end out as I wanted it to, but I loved the end result nonetheless! I wanted to use the pattern that you see on my thumb and middle finger for some more elaborate patterns, but it didn't work out well.. So it ended out like this and I really liked it =) And I think the colors worked really well together..

I was a bit shaky, so the execution wasn't the best... but from a distance you couldn't see that ;)

This mani lasted for soo long! I think I wore it for 4 days or so with hardly any chipping.. amazing! I usually have chipping within 24 hours.. So I was pretty satisfied :)

I used Essie Absolutely Shore as base color and Milani Fresh Teal and Key West for the nail art.. It's all done with a dotting tool..

I've got to go back to studying :) I hope you're all doing well!

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I really like the patterns in the darker colors-reminds me of herringbone patterns. Lovely mani!


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