Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yay for Sephora :p

Hi all :)

Long time no see! I've been busy sightseeing! haha..

I simply loved new York! I wanted to stay there for longer, but there weren't room in any of the hostels I could afford :p So I'm back in DC eagerly waiting for me to be able to move in at the apartment on campus :D I can move in on Sunday afternoon..

And that means I can do my nails again! They are imbarresingly (?) naked atm..  But they where colorfull for a while - thansk to Sephora! haha.. They have that nail bar.. So I eagerly tried out some polishes :) yay!

Thumb to pinky: Illamasqua Optimist, Nurture, prosperity, Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate, Illamasqua Rare
I especially love Illamasqua Optimist =)

I've bought a lot of polishes :p I don't even dare counting them :p haha.. And they are safely stored in my suitcase, so i can't right now.. haha.. But I will when I move in and I'll show them all to you ;)

Hope you are all doing fine!

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I'm so happy for you enjoying your stay - and that you soon can have a place of your own :)
    And I'm envious that you have the new Sephora only (at least for now) Illamasqua's - they are gorgeous!!

  2. Lovely, SO glad you enjoyed your visit in New York!!! I have never been there, myself!


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