Sunday, August 5, 2012

US update..

Hi all :)

I've only been here for two days, but I've seen so many things already.. I've spent most of my time at The Mall, either at the monuments and memorials or at museums.. And I'm still not done with it all.. But I have until December to see it all, so I guess that'll be allright :p

My now very chipped and outgrown mani mingling with the Washington Monument.. But I don't have the opportunity to do my nails now that I live at a hostel :O

I can't really seem to find the good shopping places here, I've seen a couple of CVS', a Bed, Bath & Beyond and a Forever 21.. Anyone have any good shopping tips for Washington, DC?

On Tuesday I'm going to New York, so I guess I'll stalk Gotham Polish all the time :p

I've managed to buy only 2 polishes so far (mainly because of the lack of shops :p), both of them are Milanis and from CVS..

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Amazing photo - and I'm so happy to hear your are doing well - AND are stalking polish ;)

  2. Fedt billede. Hvis du tager til NYC, så tag i Duane Readers (tror jeg vist det hedder). Det er en drugstore, og den findes blandt andet på Times Square, De har et mega stort udvalg af blandt andet POP, Revlon og Sally Hansen.

  3. I have only been to DC once-so I don't know ANY good shopping places there...sorry! SO GLAD you are enjoying yourself, though. Welcome to the US and I hope people are showing you their best side


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