Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Striped colorfulness..

Hi all :)

I got some time to edit my photos.. I'm not feeling terrible well today, so I'm relaxing a bit before going to NY tomorrow (by Greyhound) :) But I went to College Park today, the city where my University is in ;) What a cute little town! Looking forward to moving into my apartment instead of living in a suitcase (which I did for the last couple of weeks in Denmark too, it gets frustrating after a while)

I did this mani a week or so before leaving home.. I got lots of compliments on it and it was nice and colorful :) But not as colorful as I had hoped for..  These are phone pics, so a bit different from usual..

My toe is peeping in at the botoom right corner :p
I used: Sinful Colors Let's Meet and Dream on, Essie Bright Tights and Pretty Edgy and H&M Lime.. And a stamping plate that I didn't think of noting..

Anything you can recommend seeing in New York? Or maybe a good nail salon? I've never been to a nail salon, so I might go out and try it :p But probably just a pedi, because of heard horror stories about nail technicians ruining cuticles..

Have fun and take care =)


  1. these are really pretty! Good luck in the US!

  2. Gorgeous, bright mani that should suit NYC nicely! Enjoy, and I agree on the salon...never had a professional pedi or mani, but if given a choice, I would go for a pedi, too. Have a blast!


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