Saturday, August 25, 2012

A peak at all my new polishes :)

Hi all :)

I've been living in my apartment on acmpus for almost a week now! It's a great apartment, but I haven't gotten my flatmates yet, they move in tomorrow =)

I wanted to quickly show you  my new nail polish stash :p haha.. I went a bit crazy in New York.. I didn't really buy many polishes in DC the first time around, so this is what I have been buying in two weeks:

53 polishes!!!! :O
They are sooo cheap here! haha.. Well I've mostly been buying drugstore brand, because I still am a cheap ass and don't want to spend to much on a polish :p I spent 8 dollars on a couple of polishes (Zoya and an Essie) but the rest have been less than 4-5 dollars and mostly around 2 dollars ;) Oh yeah! haha..

I'm so looking forward to trying them all! I hope to get you a better view of the polishes at some time, so you can see each of them :) But things have been a bit crazy with adapting in to my new home and all the orientations and hanging out with other exchange students.. And it's getting more crazy from tomorrow on, 'cause my flatmates are moving in and on wednesday the classes start.. But I'll se what I can do :)

I've done one mani since I've moved in.. No nail art - I didn't have the time for that.. But it is nice and colorful and I've actually got a lot of compliments on it :) I'm still wearing it, but it's pretty chipped..

So here's a very bad pic - I don't have any proper lighting:
Wet'N'Wild (Fergie) Glowstick, China Glaze Towel Boy Toy and Flying Dragon (neon)
The W'n'W Fergie polsh has a rubbish brush! Seriously! Big and bushy and with a lot of stray bristles..

Allright I'm off, ladies! Hope you are doing fine =)

Have fun and take care!

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