Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old and crappy phone pics ;)

Hi all :) Here's some manis I didn't plan to post because I didn't get any decent pics of them.. But now I'm posting them anyway, just because :) all of the pics are taken with my phone and I'm blogging from my phone, so this probably doesn't look good.. Anyway, one of the manis is a dotted one I did on the go.. One is just a swatch of that new onecoater I rambled on about in one post - it's H&M Deep Deep Water.. And the one there's two pics of is a sponged mani with flakies which looked stunning in person but couldn't get a decent pic of.. So these are kind of meh.. Imagine them much more sparkly! Hah

Hope you enjoyed this post despite all :) Have fun and take care!


  1. I don't care about 'crappy' pics, all of the three manis still look wonderful!


  2. Uhhh den der dotted manicure er for lækker. Er nu også ret vild med den blå fra HM, har dog endnu ikke fundet den selv :(


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