Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh right, the giveaway winner!

Hi all :)

Just wanted to say that I've found the winner of my giveaway! Thanks to all of you for participating :) it was nice to read your comments and suggestions!

The winner was Maria! She already received the prize days ago ;)

I've just been busy with moving my stuff to the basement so my friend can live in my apartment while I'm gone.. And spending time with my bf and my family.. I'll be leaving DK in a week :O it's both extremely exciting and a bit sad because I have to be away from my man for so long.. But it'll all be good :) I'm dying to see all the cheap polishes :p

I have been doing my nails a few times, but haven't found the time to edit the pictures, so you'll get to see them at some point :)

I hope you guys hear from me soon :p

Have fund and take care :)


  1. It was the first giveaway I have ever won, so I hardly believed it was true - but here they are, thanks a lot Sofie.
    I hope you will keep us updated from time to time, and the first couple of kilos of polish you can send to me, I'll take good care of them until you return ;)

    1. Congrats Maria :)
      Hvor tager du hen, det har jeg helt glemt?

    2. Maria, what a wonderful plan! haha.. But I have a feeling that I want to keep them and play with them :p

      Sosa, jeg tager til USA, Maryland nærmere bestemt :)


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