Monday, July 2, 2012

'Classy' gradient with stamping

Hi all :)

Jeez, I'm not very good with the titles atm.. Well, the colors I used in this gradient are a bit different from the colors I usually put together.. So I felt a bit classy, even though this probably isn't classy..

I wanted to use a new wonderful one-coater, that I also wanted to stamp with on some accent nails.. But I was so eager to put this polish on, that I forgot to make space for the accent nails.. And I didn't want to remove it.. So I went with the same thing on each nail..

I then mattified it! Mmm..

BTW, the silver polish and the one I used for stamping are both in the prize for my giveaway ;)

A 'classy' pose (I have a feeling I'm using 'classy' all wrong, or might just don't know anything about being classy)

And of course a close-up (before mattifying):

The involed:

I'm using 'classy' all wrong, ain't I? Or can one man's trash be another man's classy? :p How do you feel about this 'classy' mani?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Gorgeous, I love to do it in neons and White!?


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