Monday, May 7, 2012

Failed flowers and glitter..

Hi all :)

Prepare for a rambling about this failed mani of mine.. :)

Not long ago I found a cheap polish that reminded me a lot of Essie Navigate her.. I've been wanting the Essie for a long time, but couldn't justify buying it.. So I happily snatched the Hot Makeup looking like it and I've been telling myself that it is close enough so I don't need navigate her.. Let's see how long that lasts :p

Further back I got my hands on some cheap Collection 2000 polishes - one of them was Hot Looks Lola.. Since then I've wanted to layer it on top of an army green or another kind of green to resemble one of the new RBL blogger-polishes, that was inspired by succulent plants. I had that green/pink combo in my head since.. I know this doesn't look like that polish at all, but I was after the combo ;)

Allright so my two 'new' polishes were a match made in heaven IMO. And it looked gorgeous!! Unfortunately I don't have a pic of that combo alone..

I then made a glitter franken, that I wanted to layer over my Hot Makeup wannabenaviagteher.. I tried it on my nail wheel and it looked fantastic! The next day when I wanted to do the mani, some glitter had bleeded a little bit.. I thought it wouldn't show up much on top of the base color, but I was wrong. I thought it made the green to dark, so I tried to lighten it up a bit b y adding Cover Girl Nail Slick Mint Sorbet on top.. It worked! So it ended up being a kind of glitter sandwich.. Not what I wanted but it worked for me..

I stamped and filled out the image with OPI The Show Must Go On.. Okay I'll shut up now!

Mmm close-up so you can see the duochrome of The Show Must Go On and the awesome shimmer of Collection 2000 Hot Looks Lola..

I love it in that close-up but otherwise the mani was a fail.. Nonetheless I wore it for 5 days because I didn't have the time to change my mani.. sigh..

I can't believe I rambled on about this mani so much, but I kind of wanted to explain the idea behind this mani..

I'm still hopelessly behind on reading blog posts! And my nails are naked! AArrggh! haha

Have fun and take care ;)


  1. This looks great you're crazy it is definitely not a fail lol!

  2. I think it looks nice, not fail at all!


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