Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Newsprint Nails: Magnetic print..

Hi all :)

This week's challenge is newsprint nails.. I couldn't get my ahnds on some of that rubbing alcohol, so I found some alcohol from my shelf and used that.. It turned out okay, but it tacked up my completely dry base color a bit, so there's some smudging going on here.. haha..

But I really enjoyed this combo :)

The thumb is my fave! But the whole design has more depth IRL, thanks to the magnetic polish..

A close-up:

Check out the other girls' newspaper print manis :)
Michelle - Lab Muffin
Alanna - Pretty Purple Polish
Holly - Hooked!
Maria - Maria's Nail Art
Tif - Polished Genius
Lyndsey - Nails by Ms. Lizard
Catrine - Unnaked Nails
Melanie - Nail & Polish (But she couldn't make it this week)
Jessica - Beauty Gnome

I've gotten a new computer (yay!), but am having trouble getting my Paint Shop Pro to work properly, so I had to use my old (and slooow) computer to edit these pics.. I'm hoping to get it to work soon, but maybe I'll be gone for a bit..

Have fun and take care =)


  1. this looks awesome and the thumb looks really good! nice job :)

  2. Aww, that's an interesting twist - love it!

  3. ahhh that's so funky... using the magnetic polish! lovely! xx

  4. What a fantastic idea it looks so cool :)

  5. What a super fantastic idea!!!!!

  6. I like how you used the magnetics with the newsprint. I looks futuristic to me.


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