Friday, April 13, 2012

A quickie...

Hi all :)

Just a quick mani I did one morning when at my parents house.. I borrowed my mom's Sally Hansen Pedal to the Metal and did this.. ehm.. half-moon-ish design? with OPI My Private Jet.. I don't know what to call it?!

As you can see it isn't perfect, but I just needed something on my nails and actually think it turned out kinda cute..

Here's the stickers I used for masking off the areas:

I bought these because the french tip stickers are more round than the other ones I have, and I hope they would make a better half moon design! And it's just awesome to have some other shapes :)

I'm busy and sometimes off the grid atm, so I'm behind on answering on comments :/ And getting behind on my Google Reader again.. I just caught up! Well, that's life =)

What do I call this kind of design when it isn't a half-moon shape? I'm lost.. :p

Have fun and take care :D


  1. This is so cool! I love the color combo! Hahah but I don't know what to call it either... hmm... it kind of looks like a curved V? I dunno but I love it!

    1. Thanks a lot =) I was surprised how well the color went with each other! Haha well it's just called a half moon ish now..;)


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