Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clowny at random...

Hi all :)

After I've been "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing over all those lovely indie glitter polishes that I knew I would never be able to get my hands on, I thought to myself: "Oh shut up! Just use some of the glitters you own for once instead!" So I did.. Not that I own any awesome square glitters or glitters in a cool coloer combo or anything.. But I thought of this combo of a purple polish and a blue-teal-green glitter..

And it looked much more awesome IRL than in my head.. On to the finished mani:

And here's a fairly color accurate shot of my two base colors: H&M Fashionista and Viva La Diva 70..:

And a close-up, just because I love them..

I needed something bright at fun that I wouldn't be able to fuck up.. So I did this random nail art on top..

And again, because I love close-ups, here are some of the finished mani.. I just love the contrast between the glitter and the cremes..

And here's the involved:
H&M It's genious M, Fashionista, Being on the A-list, Viva La Diva 70, Orly Fresh and the tools used..
Do you like the purple/blue-teal-green combo? And does it make it better or worse with all the colors on top?

Have fun and take care :)


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