Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magnetic after eight...

Hi all :)

This is the first mani I did with one of my LCN Magnetics. Even though the green one - 43524-6 - was my least fave, I ended up using it first. I was skyping with my BF and asked him to say a color I should put on my nails. He said green. I asked him if it should be a dark or a bright green and he said dark. Coincidentally these two were sitting on my desk (among others) as I had just swatched them on swatch sticks. I thought they matched each other very well!

So this is a simple mani done with Catrice After Eight and LCN Magnetic 43524-6

Aand closeups! First an all-magnetic nail (but it's a layer on top of Catrice After Eight)

And then the mostly After Eight nail.. I really love Catrice's polishes!

And a daylight photo! Seldom seen here (unfortunately..

Maybe it's abit boring mani, but I still enjoyed it.. But I guess I'll enjoy a mani with the other LCN magnetics more because of their 'duochrome' effect!

Do you think these two polishes match each other? Or maybe you think they match a bit too much for making an interesting mani? I wanna know what you think ;)

Have fun and take care :)

1 comment:

  1. That looks fun! what a good combination :) I like it even if you think it's a bit boring, hahaha!


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