Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Black And White

Hi all :)

I dissapeared for a little while, huh? My BF came here on thursday and that usually means that I don't use my computer (except when at lectures of course), so event though I had some manis to show you guys, I chose to spend quality time with the BF instead.. But I did my nails today, because he wanted to watch some new episodes of One Piece and some other things and he asked 'Don't you wanna do your nails then?' I was like 'Well it takes a while, so I don't know', but I ended up deciding that to make it easy for my self I could participate in the sunday challenge at the FB-group 'Adventoures in Stamping'. I've been a member there for a month or so, but haven't had the time nor the plates to be able to participate in it.. This time the theme was Black And White so I thought 'I can do that!'..

I let the BF pick out the image.. He was drawn to this one immediately.. I did this kid of sloppy and quick, because I was sitting in my sofa at my coffe table (opposed to my chair and desk in my office) and I didn't wanna take too much time away from me and him, since he's going back to Jutland tonight..

And I took thise pics in natural light, so they look a bit different than usual..

Allright, maybe that is enough rambling? :p Onto the pics..

As you can probably see I alternated between a black and a white base color and stamping.. The stamping is def. best with the black, but I anticipated that..

Funnily enough, when the episode of One Piece was finished and I hadn't gotten further than applying a base coat (I had to remove a glitter mani first :/) he was like 'Aren't you done yet?' (in a curious way). Haha! I was like 'I told you it would take a while, did you really think I could do a mani in twenty minutes?'.. Apparently he did :p

Allright I'll stop writing now.. For real!... :)

What do you think of my BF's choice? Do you ever get some help from a significant other?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. He made a great choice..I like it! It looks like the darker color is mixed with another color...not sure if I need to put on my glasses, though lol!

    1. Yes he did! I don't know which of the darker colors you mean, I used to different blacks for the base color and stamping ;) The one I used for base color had shimmer in it, maybe that's what you see? :)

  2. I think his choice was great. Black and white geographic pattern never goes wrong :)

  3. I like it - he's got great nail taste hehe :)

  4. Nice Bold Graphics! He sounds like a keeper! That manicure is a work of art

    1. He IS a keeper ;) haha.. Thansk a lot =) That's very nice of you!


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