Thursday, March 29, 2012

Magic Snowglobe Gradient

Hi all :)

I did this mani in a hurry because I needed to pick up the bf at the train station.. I had hoped to add more to it later, but didn't get around to do it..

When I met the bf at the trainstation he asked 'Did you just do your nails?'.. Umm yeah.. He could smell the awful China Glaze Fast Forward - ugh.. 

I don't think it's easy to see that it's a gradient.. I used Catrice Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower as a base color - just to hide the worst stains.. Then I applied Gosh Magic Star all over the nail. It has the same colored glitter as China Glaze Snowglobe (which I used for the gradient) but they are much smaller..

That's it :)

Have fun and take care =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Inspired by a Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hi all :)

Another Artsy Wednesday post - and this time on an actual Wednesday :) We've coordinated in a way that we can post on the same time and it'll still be Wednesday in our part of the world! Isn't that great? :)

But something not as great.. My nails for today.. I HATE THEM! There.. I said it.. I did these monday night, because yesterday, Tueday, was an all-day work(study) day for me, so I wouldn't be able to do my nails there.. And I wasn't sure if I could make it today before the 'deadline' - plus I am doing laundry and such, we all know that's a bad combo..

From the beginning when I knew we should do movie-inspired nails, I thought I would do Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inspired nails.. But I thought about other movies too. But when it was suddenly Monday and I didn't have much time to do it I decided to stick with Charlie.. But I needed to simplify my idea.. And I thought this would be easy to do.. But NO! Somehow I ran out of time.. and.. bleh..

Well, to explain what I tried to do.. On my index and pinky I tried to do chocolat-swirls.. My middle finger-swirl is based off of all the red-and-white candy on my cover for the movie and from the movie.. And that thing on my ring finger? That was supposed to be Augustus Gloop's Golden Ticket which he took a bite off.. But I didn't have time to do any print on it or anything.. soo... yeah..

The base colors:
Gosh Chocaholic and Wet'N'Wild French White Creme - for the rest of the mani I used acrylic paint.
I wanted to take it off straight away! But I didn't have time, so I had to keep it on :/ And I still have some of it left :/ (The rest peeled off)

Just for fun I took a shot with my movie cover:

Baah! A big fat fail in my opinion.. But now I've tried it! haha..

The other girls participating in this challenge :) Check out their movie-mani and hope they are better than mine ;)
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Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Adventures In Stamping - Black And White

Hi all :)

I dissapeared for a little while, huh? My BF came here on thursday and that usually means that I don't use my computer (except when at lectures of course), so event though I had some manis to show you guys, I chose to spend quality time with the BF instead.. But I did my nails today, because he wanted to watch some new episodes of One Piece and some other things and he asked 'Don't you wanna do your nails then?' I was like 'Well it takes a while, so I don't know', but I ended up deciding that to make it easy for my self I could participate in the sunday challenge at the FB-group 'Adventoures in Stamping'. I've been a member there for a month or so, but haven't had the time nor the plates to be able to participate in it.. This time the theme was Black And White so I thought 'I can do that!'..

I let the BF pick out the image.. He was drawn to this one immediately.. I did this kid of sloppy and quick, because I was sitting in my sofa at my coffe table (opposed to my chair and desk in my office) and I didn't wanna take too much time away from me and him, since he's going back to Jutland tonight..

And I took thise pics in natural light, so they look a bit different than usual..

Allright, maybe that is enough rambling? :p Onto the pics..

As you can probably see I alternated between a black and a white base color and stamping.. The stamping is def. best with the black, but I anticipated that..

Funnily enough, when the episode of One Piece was finished and I hadn't gotten further than applying a base coat (I had to remove a glitter mani first :/) he was like 'Aren't you done yet?' (in a curious way). Haha! I was like 'I told you it would take a while, did you really think I could do a mani in twenty minutes?'.. Apparently he did :p

Allright I'll stop writing now.. For real!... :)

What do you think of my BF's choice? Do you ever get some help from a significant other?

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Artsy Wednesday - Blue Nails: Framed, Studded and Flakied..

Hi all :)

I don't know if the is such a word as 'flakied', but I'm using it anyway.. This post is going to be a bit wordy, so hang in there!

First of all: I joined some ladies for a weekly challenge, hence the Artsy Wednesday in the title.. Because the ladies who made this challenge is from Australia and they are a bit ahead of time compared to the rest of us, some of us are posting on Tuesdays so as to keep up with them :) I'll list the ladies participating at the end of this post :)

On to the inspiration for these nails.. I had seen some 'framed' manis a while ago, but they never really spoke to me.. But then i saw this framed mani by Lexi and I instantly fell in love! Since then I've wanted to do a framed mani and was reminded of it when I saw Lex's framed mani. She was inspired by Madeleine Pool, so I guess I kinda was too! haha..
And the studded frame is inspired by (stolen from, ahem) Sammy's gorg studded frame mani. I love all her studded manis and I need to buy those studs from BornPrettyStore!

Okay on to the mani..

I really loved this look! Even though I failed on the studs, I had a hard time picking them up without dropping them randomly on my nail, so it's wonky and the studs are too close together for my liking - well practice makes perfect I presume..

And the clor is a bit off, so here's a crappy pic from my phone (that for some reason is turned when I'm uploading it to blogger), just so I can tell you that the real color of my base polish is in between these  two photos!

Here is the mani before the flakies! Still awesome :) hah

Aand then I mattified it.. First I didn't do the studded finger, cause I didn't know how it would end out.. And I already fucked it up a bit with my topcoats..

But I tried it in the end.. Don't look near the tips, part of the mani shrank o_O

And another shot before the matte topcoat :) Can you tell I liked this mani from the amount of pics? hehe

The involved:
a PA flakie, Impala Paparazzi and Gosh Lavender Love (which is the most blue lavender I've ever seen - but it's soo gorgeous!)

I really loved this look! So classy in some way, but not at all boring! I can see myself doing this with a lot of different color and finish combos :)

On to the Artsy Wednesday.. You can go HERE if you wanna know a bit more :)

The ladies participating in Artsy Wednesday:
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Maria - Maria's Nail Art
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Okay.. long post.. Hope you survived :)

What do you think of my first attempt at a framed mani - both with polish and with studs? Are you into framed manis?

Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

You know you are way too much into nail polish when....

Hi all :)

Being into nail polish has some.. ehm.. side effects, that 'normal' people don't always understand.. haha.. I thought it could be fun 'gathering' some of those side effects here and possibly some examples of the madness..heh :)

You know you are way too much into nail polish when...

.... You buy/get stuff just because you know it would be a great inspiration for nail art...
[Post] [Post] [Post]

... You see a see-through-ish shirt and thinks 'Oooh, with a nice glitter-top underneath this would make for a good glitter sandwich'...

... You are suddenly interested in cars and motorcycles because of their paint jobs...
[Post] [Post]

PrettyPurplePolish says: ...You can't walk into a shop without wandering into the nail polish section just to 'have a look'...

Gottwinkies says: ... When you look at cool yarn and think that it would make a great nail polish color - and the other way as well...

Do you have any additional 'side effects' that you wanna share and put on the list? And maybe an example of it? I'll link you and give you credit ;) Just post a comment with the 'side effect' and any possible links to your blogposts :)

Have fun and take care :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspired by... Nail art contest at More Nail Polish - My entry

Hi all :)

Cathy at More Nail Polish is having a nail art contest, where the theme is 'inspired by ...' and this is my entry :) I was inspired by a card I did for my BFF's daughter's baptism, that took place on the same day the contest was ending.. I did these nails to match the card while I would be at the baptism and to have girly nails :)

There were only dots and glitter on the card - the swirls I did because I was really digging the swirls from my last mani..

And another shot with the card.. The glitter-glue I used for the card and the glitter polish I used for my nails have the exact same color shift - but I couldn't capture the color shift on my nails..

And here's some close-ups, just for fun :)

I enjoyed wearing these nails at the baptism since it did fit the occasion so well :) I didn't get a photo of the polishes used and can't remember them on top of my head, so if you wanna know any names let me know :)

Head over to More Nail Polish to see all the lovely entries - there are a lot.. Not all of them has been posted yet, but Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here!

Have fun and take care :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi all :)

This mani is a mix of a lot of different ideas I had.. And I executed it into one mani.. Not sure if it was a good idea :S First of all I wanted to use a mix of three base colors: Essie Lapis of Luxury, H&M Peppermint Fusion and Catrice Cotton Candy at Eiffel Tower.. Then I wanted to do a swirly design.. And then I wanted to do a 3/4 'frame' design Joy recently did.. And lastly I wanted to do some nail art with Eyeko Vintage Polish..

Yeah, I mixed all of those ideas together.. The result? Well, I kind of liked it.. See for yourselves..

It's probably not easy to spot but on my pointer and pinky is H&M Peppermint Fusion and on my ring finger is Essie Lapis of Luxury

A bit odd, right? But it makes me think of carnivals somehow..

But it was nice to do some freehand nail art for once, even though it was just something simple!

The involved:

What do you think? Weird mix or is it okay? Does it remind any of you guys of carnival?

Have fun and take care :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gradient and DOUBLE stamping, ohlalaa!

Hi all :)

This mani is about 1½ week old, and it's the last decent mani I've done.. But very decent indeed, if I should say it myself! I wanted to do something with a new polish - and possible a top 10 of the kind - Catrice Purplelized. I'm completely in love with it..

Allright let's start at the end..

Aand the beginning.. Here's Puplelized all by it self - but I can't remember if it's completely color accurate.. But it does show a little bit of the complexiness (is that at word or did I just make that up?) of it..

Allright, the gradient done with Colorama Reflexos Dourados and Nubar 24k..

The first stamp with Pieces 24 Carat... I love this image!

And then the second stamp with Wet'N'Wild Black Creme.. I love it!

Here's a close-up just for funcies..

And the involved:
From L-R: Nubar 24K, Catrice Purplelized, Colorama Reflexos Dourados, Wet'N'Wild Black Creme, Pieces 24 Carat and BornPrettyStore stamping plate m79
I didn't get to enjoy this mani much, because the day after my mom and dad came and helped me with painting a 'new' room in my apartment! New meaning that I usually have roomate(s) living in that room, but I decided to rent the whole place for my self :O That's super exciting, even though it means I have to pay double.. and it's tough.. So I'm trying to go through this month not really spending money on polish (ouch) So far I've succeded.. haha!

But that also means that all the spare time I've had since has been spent cleaning, moving furniture etc., so my nails have been neglected! I have polish on, but I never seem to make it to the nail art stage before the polish is chipped from all the work.. And right now I have a cold too, so I'm just ruining my manis by blowing my nose in the middle of doing a mani.. sigh..

But hopefully I'll get on it soon :) I have so many ideas! And I'm rearranging my polishes (right now they are just all over my new 'offcie'), so I'm rediscovering polishes! yay! haha.. And counting them! yikes.. I'll keep you updated on that ;)

Okay, enough rambling..

How do you like this mani - with both gradient AND double stamping.. Is it too much? Or just enough?

Have fun and take care :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Magnetic after eight...

Hi all :)

This is the first mani I did with one of my LCN Magnetics. Even though the green one - 43524-6 - was my least fave, I ended up using it first. I was skyping with my BF and asked him to say a color I should put on my nails. He said green. I asked him if it should be a dark or a bright green and he said dark. Coincidentally these two were sitting on my desk (among others) as I had just swatched them on swatch sticks. I thought they matched each other very well!

So this is a simple mani done with Catrice After Eight and LCN Magnetic 43524-6

Aand closeups! First an all-magnetic nail (but it's a layer on top of Catrice After Eight)

And then the mostly After Eight nail.. I really love Catrice's polishes!

And a daylight photo! Seldom seen here (unfortunately..

Maybe it's abit boring mani, but I still enjoyed it.. But I guess I'll enjoy a mani with the other LCN magnetics more because of their 'duochrome' effect!

Do you think these two polishes match each other? Or maybe you think they match a bit too much for making an interesting mani? I wanna know what you think ;)

Have fun and take care :)
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