Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stripes on ruffians on stamping on holo..

Hi all :)

This is one of those evolving manis.. I had one thing in my head, that turned out completely different than I thought it would be.. Later a new idea evolved from that failed mani..

Let's start at the end..

I seem to have an urge to do these kind of stripes when I'm doing half moon manis. Proof: HERE and HERE..  That urge is apparently there when doing ruffians too.. Well granted I have done a lot of half moon manis without doing it.. But let me just have this one? haha..

So yeah, you can kind of guess that the step before was 'ruffians' on all of the nails.. This is the first time I've thought my nails had an allright length to do ruffians.. I've tried before, but with short nails they quickly look more short and fat..

Okay and this is kind of the first step.. It is the last step of the failed mani, but the first step of this mani.. ahem.. :p I had this idea of a dark green base with my holo topcoat on top and then stamping it with MPJ.. But MPJ didn't show up much against the dark base ('cause it looked allright when I tried stamping it on a piece of paper).. If you look real hard you can probably sense that there's some brown stamping going on..

But in normal light it just looked like a dark green holo.. And a lot of people said 'oh, what a nice polish you are wearing'.. Little did they know I actually used 3 to get this look and there were some nail art going on..

Here's a shot where you can see both the stamping and the holo a bit better.. I like the idea of holo 'hiding' under a non-holo stampt, so I have to try that again some day..

The involved (without MPJ and the imageplate, don't really consider them as a part of this mani):

I wasn't at all satisfied with this.. Well I liked the dark green holo.. mmmmh.. But I kept seeing a ruffian on it, so I had to try it.. And then I of course had to try the stripes too.. sigh..

Which step of this mani do you like the best?

Have fun and take care :)


  1. Ooooh, easy choice! I love the last step...I love the look of the stripes!!...I never wanted to do a ruffian...looks too hard-How the heck did you make the ruffian shape?!

    1. Oh, it's great you love the stripes ;)

      I did the shape with french tip stickers.. So it was actually quite easy! The hardest part is to make them stick to your nail, so no nail polish goes where it shouldn't go.. :)
      You should try it ;)


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