Saturday, February 25, 2012

LCN Magnetics - and a BornPrettyStore sale on magnetics!

Hi all :)

I often think "Why don't I do swatches? That would be a good way to try out new polishes!" And then the next moment I'm trying to capture the real colors af a manicure and then I think "Aaah, that's why"..

Last weekend I was having a birthday party with one of my brothers (even though my birthday was months ago) and he and his wife got me this most awesome present: LCN magnetics!! whaat?! haha.. I was thrilled! I got 4 polishes and 2 magnets..

The effect of these are just magnificent! (see what I did there? :p) I knew I had to show them to you.. And I got so bummed when I found out that I coulnd't capture the colors of these :( I almost decided not to show you them, but it's still possible to see the effect so I thought I would go for it anyway! I'll just try to it explain how the colors are IRL.. You can click on all the pics to make it larger!

First up is 43524-5 (yup, no names, just numbers..) These pics are supposed to line up next to each other, if they don't please tell me! :)

This pic is almost color accurate. But what you can't see is the awesome purple shimmer in it! But that purple shimmer turns into the awesome purple magnetic effect! So on the pic to the right - imagine that the darker color is purple ;)

Next up is 43524-6. It'a  forrest green, but these pics (especially the first one) shows it more aqua-green-ish.. This has a different magnetic efffect, the effect is a darker green. But this one was the easiest to get a crisp image with :) 

This one is 43524-3. It's a rosy-kind of color.. The 'base color' photo is almost color accurate, but not the one with the effect. The effect is a lovely purple :D A bit more blue-toned purple than in the blue polish!
The last one is the one I think I will call my fave of the bunch! It's this grey/silver-ish color with an awesome red-toned purple shimmer, which of course turns into the awesome effect ;) I really love how there is such a big difference between the base color and the effect color :D The purple is a bit more red-toned than in the pic

And here's the magnets! I only used the stripe-pattern for these swatches, because I wanted to show the polishes under the same 'condition'. The star-magnet is a bit more difficult to get a crisp image with, but I think it's because it makes a more difference on the image if your hands are a bit shaky, than with the stripe-pattern. Did that make any sense? :p

Overall thoughts: These polishes have a really good drying time - better than most of my normal polishes.. And that isn't a problem with these magnets, 'cause sometimes I accidentally moved the magnet right after holding it over the polish, but there was already a crisp, awesome pattern!! So the magnets are awesome too! And I'm amazed with the color combos in these.. It aren't just a color and then the effect is a darker version af that color (well, the green one is), no no another amazing color shows up!!

This post is already much longer than my posts usually is, but it is a bit different in content from my normal posts too ;) I have a couple of Essence magnetic polishes and one Nails Inc on the way, so I'm looking forward to how they compare to these :)

Lastly I wanna tell you - very apropros - that BornPrettyStore is currently having 20 % off their magnetic polishes! The sale only runs until the 29th, so hurry! And remember, that you can get 10% off your order (except on polishes in this sale!) with this code: SKEJ61

Do you have any magnetic polishes? And are any of them from LCN, Essence, Nails Inc or BornPrettyStore? I wanna know what you think of them :D

Have fun and take care :)

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