Monday, February 6, 2012

Dragon's Breath and Polka Dot sandwich..

Hi all :)

I wanted to wear BB Couture Dragon's Breath since last time I wore it I loved it, but covered it up in nail art I didn't like.. So this time I wanted to wear it alone..  But when I put on the first layer I realised that it has a rather jelly base.. So I decided to do a jelly sandwich with it.. It just wasn't very obvious that it was a jelly sandwich.. probably because I used Black Polka Dot (Yeah, I use it a lot!) and the jelly layer didn't alter the look of it very much..

Dragon's Breath is more purple than in the pics.. I just couldn't capture it :/

I wasn't really fond of this mani.. And it stained my nails a bit! argh.. they were getting soo pretty and stain-free.. haha..

Have fun and take care :)

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