Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another cup of inspiration..

Hi all :)

Coffee cups (mugs?) are apparently are great source of inspiration.. These cups (I have two, but they are identical) didn't actually belong to me at first.. It was my BF's grandmother's.. We were visiting her, and I had seen these cups at her place before. So when we were having coffee and I got one of these cups, I was happy 'cause it makes me happy to drink from a colorful cup (haha, weird i know). So before she poured coffee in it I wanted to take a pic of it, so I could use it for inspiration for nail art.. She was like 'Why are you taking pics of it?' and I explained that I thought it was so pretty.. So she gave them to me! haha.. How sweet is that?

Okay.. nail art.. that is why you're here, you say? Here it is:

And here's the base color. It is gorg, but I couldn't really capture it.. It is a white, but leaning towards light grey because of the amazing shimmer/flecks in it.. It is def not straight up white. I loooove it!

It is a bit easier to see here in this close up..

Oh and here is one of the cups..

And a spam of pics of the nail art and cups..

I really enjoyed this nail art.. Everytime I looked at my nail it felt oddly familiar to me because I'm used to see the cups in my cupboard or when drinking coffee of them..

The involved:
Just ask if you wanna know any names :)
Have fun and take care :)


  1. wow this looks great! I love the different designs and the colors!

    1. Thanks a lot :D Colors are always cheerful!

  2. Very cute, well done - added bonus: it feels like spring :)


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