Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nude glitter sandwich

Hi all :)

This mani ended out as a bit of an experiment and I really liked it.. It started out with me wearing nothing but Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 and Nubar Foundation base coat just to protect my nails from breaking, because Id idn't have time to do a mani.. I went to my parents house because I was going to celebrate me and my brother's birthday (That's when I got the amazing LCN Magnetics!). I brought some glitter polishes with me in the hope of having time to do my nail at one point.. I brought Milani Gems and Essence Circus Confetti..

Well, so I wore those for a couple of days (that's whu the glitter is chipped) and when I got home I wanted to try to make a nude glitter sandwich.. And I really liked it..

Here it is with 2 coats of H&M Pink Mist

And with only 1 coat of Pink Mist. You can see the colors better, but there isn't that much depth..

And here's only the glitter. I applid Gems first and then Circus Confetti

And in the end I tried crackle too, just for fun.. I kind of liked this..

So I'm def going to do a nude glitter sandwich again! It's so subtle but yet so fun!

Have you tried to do a nude glitter sandwich?

Have fun and take care :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

LCN Magnetics - and a BornPrettyStore sale on magnetics!

Hi all :)

I often think "Why don't I do swatches? That would be a good way to try out new polishes!" And then the next moment I'm trying to capture the real colors af a manicure and then I think "Aaah, that's why"..

Last weekend I was having a birthday party with one of my brothers (even though my birthday was months ago) and he and his wife got me this most awesome present: LCN magnetics!! whaat?! haha.. I was thrilled! I got 4 polishes and 2 magnets..

The effect of these are just magnificent! (see what I did there? :p) I knew I had to show them to you.. And I got so bummed when I found out that I coulnd't capture the colors of these :( I almost decided not to show you them, but it's still possible to see the effect so I thought I would go for it anyway! I'll just try to it explain how the colors are IRL.. You can click on all the pics to make it larger!

First up is 43524-5 (yup, no names, just numbers..) These pics are supposed to line up next to each other, if they don't please tell me! :)

This pic is almost color accurate. But what you can't see is the awesome purple shimmer in it! But that purple shimmer turns into the awesome purple magnetic effect! So on the pic to the right - imagine that the darker color is purple ;)

Next up is 43524-6. It'a  forrest green, but these pics (especially the first one) shows it more aqua-green-ish.. This has a different magnetic efffect, the effect is a darker green. But this one was the easiest to get a crisp image with :) 

This one is 43524-3. It's a rosy-kind of color.. The 'base color' photo is almost color accurate, but not the one with the effect. The effect is a lovely purple :D A bit more blue-toned purple than in the blue polish!
The last one is the one I think I will call my fave of the bunch! It's this grey/silver-ish color with an awesome red-toned purple shimmer, which of course turns into the awesome effect ;) I really love how there is such a big difference between the base color and the effect color :D The purple is a bit more red-toned than in the pic

And here's the magnets! I only used the stripe-pattern for these swatches, because I wanted to show the polishes under the same 'condition'. The star-magnet is a bit more difficult to get a crisp image with, but I think it's because it makes a more difference on the image if your hands are a bit shaky, than with the stripe-pattern. Did that make any sense? :p

Overall thoughts: These polishes have a really good drying time - better than most of my normal polishes.. And that isn't a problem with these magnets, 'cause sometimes I accidentally moved the magnet right after holding it over the polish, but there was already a crisp, awesome pattern!! So the magnets are awesome too! And I'm amazed with the color combos in these.. It aren't just a color and then the effect is a darker version af that color (well, the green one is), no no another amazing color shows up!!

This post is already much longer than my posts usually is, but it is a bit different in content from my normal posts too ;) I have a couple of Essence magnetic polishes and one Nails Inc on the way, so I'm looking forward to how they compare to these :)

Lastly I wanna tell you - very apropros - that BornPrettyStore is currently having 20 % off their magnetic polishes! The sale only runs until the 29th, so hurry! And remember, that you can get 10% off your order (except on polishes in this sale!) with this code: SKEJ61

Do you have any magnetic polishes? And are any of them from LCN, Essence, Nails Inc or BornPrettyStore? I wanna know what you think of them :D

Have fun and take care :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Purple rain, ehm gradient!

Hi all :)

This is a mani I had hoped to do more with.. I just did this quickly before going to a birthday party.. My plan was to add some more the day after, buut it chipped fast.. But I still liked it and got a ton of compliments on it :) That's always nice!

But these pics are NOT AT ALL color accurate.. I can never photograph purples properly but I'm sure a lot of you have the same problem.

Here you can see a bit more of the shimmer :)

And a close-up:

I didn't get a pic of the polishes used, so I'll list them: As a base color I used: Eyeko Lilac Polish. I can't remember in which order I used these, cause they are fairly similar: H&M Fashioonista and Hello Kitty by H&M I Love Candy. The last one I used was Elf Dark Glitter Purple..

So that is it for today :)

Do you have any tips and tricks for photographing purples? Or is it just an impossible task? :p

Have fun and take care!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colorful hearts.. kind of...

Hi all :)

It's been a while.. I've been busy! I did these nails more than a week ago, but I didn't have the time to edit the pics..

I've copied this design from Sarah from Chalkboard Nails and her Heart Fishtails.. I just looved the simplicity of this design and the endless color combination possible..

Mine didn't turn out as great as hers and it actually turned out quite a bit different than hers.. I should have used more opaque colors.. But it was a fun and colorful mani to wear.. The colors were more bright than in these pics, but I had a hard time capturing it..

Another shot..

And the colors used :) - I wanted to try out two new H&M polishes, so I thought it could be fun to choose all H&M polishes for this design..
H&M - I'm Not a Kiwi, Bella's Choice, Soaked in Purple, Check Me Out
I hope you are all doing well!

Have fun and take care :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another cup of inspiration..

Hi all :)

Coffee cups (mugs?) are apparently are great source of inspiration.. These cups (I have two, but they are identical) didn't actually belong to me at first.. It was my BF's grandmother's.. We were visiting her, and I had seen these cups at her place before. So when we were having coffee and I got one of these cups, I was happy 'cause it makes me happy to drink from a colorful cup (haha, weird i know). So before she poured coffee in it I wanted to take a pic of it, so I could use it for inspiration for nail art.. She was like 'Why are you taking pics of it?' and I explained that I thought it was so pretty.. So she gave them to me! haha.. How sweet is that?

Okay.. nail art.. that is why you're here, you say? Here it is:

And here's the base color. It is gorg, but I couldn't really capture it.. It is a white, but leaning towards light grey because of the amazing shimmer/flecks in it.. It is def not straight up white. I loooove it!

It is a bit easier to see here in this close up..

Oh and here is one of the cups..

And a spam of pics of the nail art and cups..

I really enjoyed this nail art.. Everytime I looked at my nail it felt oddly familiar to me because I'm used to see the cups in my cupboard or when drinking coffee of them..

The involved:
Just ask if you wanna know any names :)
Have fun and take care :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stripes on ruffians on stamping on holo..

Hi all :)

This is one of those evolving manis.. I had one thing in my head, that turned out completely different than I thought it would be.. Later a new idea evolved from that failed mani..

Let's start at the end..

I seem to have an urge to do these kind of stripes when I'm doing half moon manis. Proof: HERE and HERE..  That urge is apparently there when doing ruffians too.. Well granted I have done a lot of half moon manis without doing it.. But let me just have this one? haha..

So yeah, you can kind of guess that the step before was 'ruffians' on all of the nails.. This is the first time I've thought my nails had an allright length to do ruffians.. I've tried before, but with short nails they quickly look more short and fat..

Okay and this is kind of the first step.. It is the last step of the failed mani, but the first step of this mani.. ahem.. :p I had this idea of a dark green base with my holo topcoat on top and then stamping it with MPJ.. But MPJ didn't show up much against the dark base ('cause it looked allright when I tried stamping it on a piece of paper).. If you look real hard you can probably sense that there's some brown stamping going on..

But in normal light it just looked like a dark green holo.. And a lot of people said 'oh, what a nice polish you are wearing'.. Little did they know I actually used 3 to get this look and there were some nail art going on..

Here's a shot where you can see both the stamping and the holo a bit better.. I like the idea of holo 'hiding' under a non-holo stampt, so I have to try that again some day..

The involved (without MPJ and the imageplate, don't really consider them as a part of this mani):

I wasn't at all satisfied with this.. Well I liked the dark green holo.. mmmmh.. But I kept seeing a ruffian on it, so I had to try it.. And then I of course had to try the stripes too.. sigh..

Which step of this mani do you like the best?

Have fun and take care :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Dragon's Breath and Polka Dot sandwich..

Hi all :)

I wanted to wear BB Couture Dragon's Breath since last time I wore it I loved it, but covered it up in nail art I didn't like.. So this time I wanted to wear it alone..  But when I put on the first layer I realised that it has a rather jelly base.. So I decided to do a jelly sandwich with it.. It just wasn't very obvious that it was a jelly sandwich.. probably because I used Black Polka Dot (Yeah, I use it a lot!) and the jelly layer didn't alter the look of it very much..

Dragon's Breath is more purple than in the pics.. I just couldn't capture it :/

I wasn't really fond of this mani.. And it stained my nails a bit! argh.. they were getting soo pretty and stain-free.. haha..

Have fun and take care :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Colorful dotting

Hi all :)

This mani evolved a bit.. This is how it looked at the very end:

Not that it ended up looking much more different than I intended.. Here's how it looked when I thought I was done with it:

The only difference is that I added Nubar Black Polka Dot.. I just really felt it needed something else and I thought Black Polka Dot would frame it in nicely.. And it really did! I liked it a lot better IRL with Black Polka Dot, but looking at the pics now I like it better whitout..

But I got a lot of compliments on this one and I really enjoyed wearing it :D

Here's the involved (minus Black Polka Dot):
Ask if you wanna know any names :)
Which version do you like the better? With og without Black Polka Dots?

Have fun and take care :)
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