Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just a little bit late..

Hi all :)

Well, it's been a while! haha.. After the trip to Sweden I was in full blown exam mode, with just a little break at New Years Eve. I took the long trip to Jutland and went back again 24 hours later to work on the exam and meet up with my group.. We handed in hour paper 4 days ago and the last 24 hours (or so) was crazy.. We worked 18 hours straight, but didn't feel it was good enough to hand in, so we slept only two hours and worked the last 5 hours we had before handing it in.. We still wasn't satisfied, but we kindof had to hand it in .p haha..

We decided to have a days break before starting on the next exam. I spent that day sleeping and cleaning.. Sooo.. We're in the middle of the next exam, and actually I haven't got the time to blog, but I missed it so much! (can you tell from all the rambling? :p)

This is the mani I wore NYE.. I just needed something quick and festive..

A Depend holiday polish and Nubar White Polka Dot
Here's a close up.. you can see that the smaller glitter in White Polka Dot are gold and green/blue-ish.. I had hoped it was all white.. But it's still pretty :)

And the involved:

I better get going! I hope to have the time to blog again soon!

Have you all had a great Christmas? And NYE? What where you doing? And wearing on your nails? :p

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I have that same blue from Depend. It's one of the best blues they've done I think, when it comes to the color. I was a bit disappointed with the finish. It looks more shimmery in the bottle than on the nail.

    Your NYE mani looked awesome though!

  2. Det var godt du ikke brækkede ben eller arme - og jeg krydser fingre for dig med næste eksamen :)

  3. Linda: It is awesome, right? It's true it's more shimmery in the bottle but I still love it on the nail! I should have bought more from that collection :p And thanks a lot :D

    Sussi: Tusind tak - det er dejligt at være tilbage :D

    Maria: Det ville være en katastrofe hvis jeg brækkede armene - så kunne jeg ikke lægge neglelak! hah.. Men vi kom aldrig ud og stå på ski - det var simpelthen for varmt :/ Og tak for de krydsede fingre! Jeg tror de hjælper ;)


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