Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cups of inspiration..

Hi all :)

These nails are inspired by some cups I bought recently.. I really liked how they looked and thought they would be easy to turn into nail art.. So I did :)

Here's a pic together with the cups.. I didn't realise that there were a ring of green in the 'dotted flower' until I was taking pic of the cup.. Sooo, there's no green ring in my interpretation..

Here's a better pic, I think..

And the involved :)

Ask if you wanna know any names of the polishes ;)
I wanna ask you guys a favor.. On saturday I'm going to take a TOEFL-test (an english language test) as a part of my application as an exchange student to the University of Maryland.. I will be tested on both my writing, speaking and listening skills.. So I'm going to ask you this:

Are there any grammatical errors that I make over and over again? Or words I use the wrong way? Or something else that I don't get right?

That way, if you point something out for me, I can work on it until Saturday and hopefully get a good enough test result to be accepted at Maryland ;) Thanks in advance!

Have fun and take care :D


  1. Good luck on the test!! Studying abroad is the most amazing experience ever. I'm sure you'll love it!

    I've been craving flowers on my nails lately, never tried it we'll see how that goes. :P

    1. Thanks! :D I think I'll LOVE it for sure! I'm SO looking forward to it :D

      Well, you can do flowers in maaany ways, so you better get started ;) hah

  2. As you know, I've been following your blog since I started blogging :) I honestly haven't noticed that there are any errors you make over and over. If there was, I'd surely let you know! Good luck on your test!

    ... I love your representation of the cups, by the way :)

    1. Well, that's good to know :) Thanks! I think I did well on the test :)

      And thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

  3. This is lovely, Swaafie. :)
    I love matching posts like this.

    Good luck on your exam!

    1. Aw, thanks :D I love doing nails to match things :p

      And thanks, I think I did well on the test!


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