Friday, January 20, 2012

Colorful Wavey

Hi all :)

I've finished the last exam :D That means I have 2 weeks off! I really need that!

Allright this mani is a bit more colorful than the last ones.. But it didn't end up as I wanted it to.. But still thought it was okay..

The pics aren't coloraccurate.. I had one color in my mind I wanted to wear, but didn't know which other colors to choose.. But the I saw this colorscheme by DesignSeed:

I love Design Seeds! You should check it out ;)

I've shown one here on the blog before, because Abby was doing Color Cue posts, where she used these from Design Seeds sometimes.. And I was doing manis off of Abby's Color Cues.. Well I did it twice.. Then I got busy and.. yeah.. haha.. So I'm going to put a 'Color Cue' tag on this post, even though it isn't based off of Abby's Color Cues.. I hope that'll be okay!

So here's the base colors.. Again, not color accurate, more like on the color scheme above..

It was really nice wearing something bright :D

The involved:

Ask if you wanna know any names :)
I'm probably going to do more manis based off of these color schemes!

I'm still something like 400 posts behind on my Google Reader, but I'm really trying to get through it! Maybe I'll be able to catch up in this break :D

Have fun and take care :D


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