Sunday, January 29, 2012

Awards! :D

Hi all :)

I've been so lucky that some fellow bloggers thought of me when tagging people for awards! :D Yay! I'm just terrible at completing those things :p It's like months since they tagged me.. Haha.. Worst blogger ever, right here! :)

Linda, from The Diary Of A Dreamer tagged me in a Top 10 Award!
I've done this one before, and since the things I'm supposed to list is my fave cosmetics, I'm not going to do it again.. I'm not using cosmetics, so I can't really list anything.. I only managed to list 5 things last time :p haha.. And it wasn't even cosmetics most of it..
Thanks so much for thinking of me, Linda :D

The other award I recieved is from MK from Polish and Pigments! It's a Versatile Blogger Award!
I'm so grateful for this :) I don't feel very versatile at the moment, but I'm glad I give that impression :D haha..
And because I'm just a terrible blogger, I'm not going to do the rules that comes with it.. Bad, I know, but my time is very limited and I rather wanna blog about manis :D

Last, but certainly not least, Maria awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thanks so much, Maria! It's always nice talking to you and I think you're the most creative of the two of us! haha :D I've done this one before too, so I'm not gonna do the rules either.. I know.. Not very nice.. But I hope you guys forgive me!

I just really wanted to thank these lovely ladies, that's why I made this post :D
Thanks again, Linda, MK and Maria :D

Have fun and take care :)

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