Monday, December 19, 2011

Gold'n'Green leaves..

Hi all :)

A lot of new things with this post! First of all I did a decent mani, that I spend a bit of time on! and then... I took the pics with my daylight bulb :D yaay! I still have to learn how to use it, but so far I like it.. Oh and the last thing is.. You'll mostly see my right hand, because of all the broken nails on my left..

Okay quickly on to the mani..

Mmm I loved this! I bought Models Own Beetle Juice Golden Green used (someone quickly decided she didn't like it apparently).. So I wanted to try it out.. This is 3 (or maybe 4?) coats - I didn't want to layer it, because I hate removing black nail polish :p

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm stunned I was able to capture both the gold and green at the same time :D

Okay my stamping isn't the best.. Especially not on my ring finger - I ended up double stamping there because half of the image didn't transfer.. But I'm getting better! But what better way to cover up mistakes with MORE nail polish? :p

I did 'french' tips too, because it looked a bit weird that my leaves was floating in the middle of nothing.. So I thought it framed it in a bit..

Here's a pic of my right hand - I love the way Golden Green looks in this! You can see that I have another stamp on my pointer finger - I decided that I didn't like that image very much, so switched to the leave one and didn't bother to start all over on my thumb and pointer... And you can see how my poor nails are broken here :/

And the involved:

Wow that was a long post compared to the last many ones.. Both wordy and.... picture-y....?

I'm really happy about my daylight bulb, even though I haven't quite got the technique yet..

What do you think of my daylight bulb pics?

Have fun and take care =)


  1. I love the adding more nail polish solution!

  2. I like this a lot, it's a lovely color combination (greeeeennnnn - yeahh...)

  3. That really is a cool and awesome mani....I am loving the model's own polish, I can't get it here. I have a daylight or Ott light they are called here. I think my manis would be trash without it, so would my pics!

  4. I just got a daylight bulb, too... love it! Great manicure, too :)


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