Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another stamping fail..

Hi all :)

I've really been busy the last weeks.. My nails have been naked and I've broken every nails on my left hand.. Somehow my right hand is intact.. I've got some great ideas for nail art and for gradients and for layerings and for stamping and....  but don't have the time or energy.. And it annoys me.. And I haven't even got the time to try out my daylight bulb! I'm so looking forward to playing with it.. And I need to respond to your comments and I've gotten some awards that I'm so grateful and wanna thank people for.. But soon.. hopefully! haha.. Okay end of rant..

This mani is many weeks old and is another attempt at stamping :p I got a new plate with some 'full-nail' patterns on it.. But they were way to small to fit on one nail! So I kind of tried stamping twice on the same nail.. baaah.. Didn't end up well.. Sooo I tried covering it up with some glitters :p Haha..

Well it was festive and people noticed it! haha..

btw, the polishes are not color accurate in these pics (of course not :p)

I think the polishes are more color accurate in this pic:

Have fun and take care =)


  1. Don't see is as a "failed" mani, look at it as see a learning experience - caugh, caugh, that's at least what I try to convince myself when I fail, aeehm learn ;)
    You also could try to "mirror" the stamping using two colors, using a much lighter first, and the place the pattern just a little next to it in a darker color - if that makes sense?

  2. I actually really like how this turned out.. and with some glitter activity on top? Love!

  3. Nice save...I never know what to do when I miss getting the whole nail covered...

  4. Maria: Haha well, you're right! I think I'll try mirroring at some point.. :)

    Delaynee: Well thanks :) I guess glitter is always good at distracting :p haha

    Gottwinkies: Well, glitter must be the answer then :p haha.. thanks!


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