Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attempt at making a REAL half moon mani..

Hi all :)

If you've followed my blog for a while, you've probably discovered that I loove half moon manis.. One day I thought 'Why not making an actual half moon half moon mani?' So I did.. I can't really decide if it actually looks like a moon surface, what I've done.. Sometimes I think sometimes I don't..

Again it's my right hand you're seeing..

The involved:

So what do you think? Does it somehow look like half moons?

This will probably be my last post before christmas.. Tomorrow I'll be on my way to Sweden together with my BF and his family. We are going to celebrate christmas there skiing! How awesome is that? I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Gold'n'Green leaves..

Hi all :)

A lot of new things with this post! First of all I did a decent mani, that I spend a bit of time on! and then... I took the pics with my daylight bulb :D yaay! I still have to learn how to use it, but so far I like it.. Oh and the last thing is.. You'll mostly see my right hand, because of all the broken nails on my left..

Okay quickly on to the mani..

Mmm I loved this! I bought Models Own Beetle Juice Golden Green used (someone quickly decided she didn't like it apparently).. So I wanted to try it out.. This is 3 (or maybe 4?) coats - I didn't want to layer it, because I hate removing black nail polish :p

Isn't it gorgeous? I'm stunned I was able to capture both the gold and green at the same time :D

Okay my stamping isn't the best.. Especially not on my ring finger - I ended up double stamping there because half of the image didn't transfer.. But I'm getting better! But what better way to cover up mistakes with MORE nail polish? :p

I did 'french' tips too, because it looked a bit weird that my leaves was floating in the middle of nothing.. So I thought it framed it in a bit..

Here's a pic of my right hand - I love the way Golden Green looks in this! You can see that I have another stamp on my pointer finger - I decided that I didn't like that image very much, so switched to the leave one and didn't bother to start all over on my thumb and pointer... And you can see how my poor nails are broken here :/

And the involved:

Wow that was a long post compared to the last many ones.. Both wordy and.... picture-y....?

I'm really happy about my daylight bulb, even though I haven't quite got the technique yet..

What do you think of my daylight bulb pics?

Have fun and take care =)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

You gotta see this!

Hi all :)

I know this might be a bit late in December to share this.. But I think you should all go to Marias Nail Polish Blog and read her sweet Christmas Story with matching manis =D

You can see the first part of the story HERE :D

I just thought it was such a sweet and original idea that I wanted you all to see it :)

Have fun and take care!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another stamping fail..

Hi all :)

I've really been busy the last weeks.. My nails have been naked and I've broken every nails on my left hand.. Somehow my right hand is intact.. I've got some great ideas for nail art and for gradients and for layerings and for stamping and....  but don't have the time or energy.. And it annoys me.. And I haven't even got the time to try out my daylight bulb! I'm so looking forward to playing with it.. And I need to respond to your comments and I've gotten some awards that I'm so grateful and wanna thank people for.. But soon.. hopefully! haha.. Okay end of rant..

This mani is many weeks old and is another attempt at stamping :p I got a new plate with some 'full-nail' patterns on it.. But they were way to small to fit on one nail! So I kind of tried stamping twice on the same nail.. baaah.. Didn't end up well.. Sooo I tried covering it up with some glitters :p Haha..

Well it was festive and people noticed it! haha..

btw, the polishes are not color accurate in these pics (of course not :p)

I think the polishes are more color accurate in this pic:

Have fun and take care =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dotty Half Moons

Hi all :)

This is a mani I really liked.. But didn't get any good pics of it (of course not...) so I can't really show you how awesome it was.. These pics doesn't do it justice..

Here's the matte version first..

And non-matte..

These were the awesome polishes used (although I couldn't capture the real color of the WnW one):

There was just one minus about this.. I had smurf hands when removing it! My nails AND fingers were BLUE! I don't know which of the polishes who caused this... But I'll find out :p

Have you tried any of the blues I used? Have you had experience with one of them staining everything? :p

Have fun and take care =)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Black and White, Stamp and Stripes

Hi all :)

.... that does rime sort of, right?

I'm a bit behind posting my manis.. I've had more time to do them, but haven't had time to do anything fancy.. so must of the manis are kind of failed.. But I'll show you anyway.. some of them at least..

This was me having a 'clever' idea with stamping.. But I still need a lot of practice..

You can see all my flaws ;)

What I used:

Hah, short post.. But don't have much energy to write a lot..

I'm still not satisfied with my photos now with all the lack of daylight.. But I've bought a dayligt light bulb.. I hope to get to play with it soon to see if it will improve my photos :)

Have you ever tried a daylight light bulb? What are your experience with it?

Have fun and take care =)
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