Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi all :)
You are probably used to me not posting much.. And I don't see it changing soon.. Soo.. Eeehh.. Stay used to it.. Haha!
I did this mani after the succes with the blue one.. I wasn't just as happy with it, but still liked :)

I didn't get great pics too.. So these'lll do..

And a pic with my mobile.. And with sunshine! Hah.. We don't get that much here..

And the involved:


  1. I like it a lot--great way to use many polishes at once!

  2. SPRING TIME... nah, maybe not anytime soon, but a very nice mani for us who longs for spring, thanks :)
    The green Cihna Glaze glitter, what is the name of that one? Sour Apple maybee?

  3. Karen: Thanks :) It is a very great way to use many polishes! It helps justifying having so many :p

    Amber: Thank you :)

    Maria: Nope, not for a looong time, unfortunately! Yeah it is Sour Apple.. It's awesome!

  4. Thanks Sofie, sigh - yet another polish for my wish list :)

  5. This is so creative! And the colors really pop. Green isn't really my thing but this makes me want to give it a shot again :)

    I also wanted you to know that you got a blog award from me :)

  6. Linda: Wow, thanks! I'll hopefully get on that soon ;)
    And green is awesome, so go for it! haha


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